Sanming Taining: Daejeon Lanterns have “heaven and Earth” and “Blessing lanterns” from non-elderly people

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Huang Maosheng elaborate “lights” f southeast network – on January 31st (politico Cai Xiaoqing correspondent Chen Qifang Feng Jiaxin article/photo) this year Spring Festival, sanming taining DaTian Township big tamura villagers one way tickets door hung a lamp that chic “f” word version, bright everyone rotate along with the lamp, set off the festival atmosphere more festive red.Years ago, Huang Maosheng gave the elaborate blessing lamp to her neighbor, Huang Maosheng.”It takes a few days to make this lamp.Before the festival, I specially made a few lucky lanterns to send to relatives and neighbors, I hope everyone is happy, but also let more people enjoy the field lanterns!”Huang maosheng said.Huang Maosheng, 74, is a representative inheritor of the municipal earthworm Lamp Intangible Cultural Heritage project.He has been obsessed with daejeon lanterns for nearly 60 years since he first encountered them at the age of 15.There are many kinds of lanterns in Datian township, such as earthworm lantern, horse-walking lantern and Beidou lantern, which have been handed down for more than 600 years.The lantern culture and blessing culture on all kinds of lanterns express the people’s wish for a happy life.Beidou lanterns are performed by children in the village with local folk songs, suona, erhu and other Musical Instruments to express their wishes for the coming year.The lantern burning lamp after the hot smoke, paper spokes, the lamp screen appears horse pentium and other mobile images, there are “ma To success”, “six livestock prosperity” and other good intentions;The earthworm lamp is similar to the bridge lamp, which is named after the fact that there is no dragon head and the tail of the dragon looks like an earthworm. In the process of making the lamp, the villagers try to pull the lamp team into several sections, which means that the more broken the lamp is like the earthworm, the endless life and growth, carrying the villagers’ prayers for the evil spirits and good fortune in the coming year.As early as the Ming Dynasty, the flower lantern rose in Datian Township, but in the age of food is not enough, the once popular datian flower lantern slowly died out, the production technology is also facing extinction.Until the 1960s, a villager surnamed Yang of 塅 village group groped to make a lantern, Lantern Festival “appeared” on his door.Huang Maosheng saw it and imprinted it in his heart. Then he began to make lamps.Huang maosheng describes himself as a “fun person” who sees something and wants to learn it.He can woodwork, wood carving, mud water, etc., also can guqin love singing, is the village’s recreational activities.Since making the lanterns, he has mastered the local traditional lanterns and learned to paint and cut paper to make the lanterns more exquisite.Huang Maosheng said that the paper blade of the inner wheel depended on whether the lantern could turn or not. “For example, this lantern is simple and requires more than 10 processes.”Huang Maosheng introduced.Select 3-5 years of high-quality bamboo, and then through the process of bamboo cutting, fire baking bending, brining and other processes, the preparation of the external skeleton.The inner paper wheel is like a round lantern, with a vertical shaft in the middle and a blade above it. “The revolving lantern has no bearing and no motor, so whether it can go and how fast it can go depends on the paper blade.”After a grope, failure, now he is in his own hands, the production of beautiful and chic lanterns, in the village far and wide.Huang Maosheng originally only in the first month, whether hanging in the gate of the lantern, the Beidou lamp, or the Lantern Festival villagers make earthworm lamp, he made the lamp can always win the praise of the villagers.But after the lunar New Year, these lamps and lanterns will be put away again, stacked in a corner upstairs.A few years ago, he was rated as a non-hereditary inheritor. At the same time, combining with the most beautiful courtyard construction in the village, he sorted out the abandoned warehouse behind his house and “transformed” it into a spacious and bright backyard, which was covered with a roof and became a field lantern exhibition hall, as well as a key point of the intangible cultural heritage of Datian Township.Sometimes Huang teaches tourists or neighbors how to make field lanterns. Huang’s field lanterns finally have their own “world”.Whenever he has spare time, he picks up tools to make lanterns in the courtyard and hangs his elaborate lanterns. Passers-by and tourists often stop to admire them.Sometimes Huang teaches tourists how to make datian lanterns, hoping that more and more people will get to know this folk treasure.