“Foreign Lei Feng” helps schools fight epidemic

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In Liaoning Shihua University, there are such a group of “foreign Lei Feng”, who are not brave words, but like rebels, regardless of race, regardless of nationality, selfless dedication, fighting side by side with the whole school teachers and students, making their own contribution to the school’s fight against the epidemic.Teejay, an international student, was praised as “foreign Lei Feng” by his classmates.”When the epidemic broke out in 2020, teachers gave us masks, took our temperatures and sterilized our dormitories,” he said.Now we have to stand up for the teachers, for the school!”Different from two years ago when he was helpless in the face of the outbreak, today, he is calm and responsive. He organized the overseas students to set up a volunteer team and is active in the campus every day, interpreting the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era with practical actions.Cameroonian student Gao Shani, a propagandist in the fight against the epidemic, has made her circle of friends very popular.On March 31, she attended the first Kaihu Fish Culture Appreciation Festival and the launching ceremony of lake fish spring fishing.And as a representative of foreign students.She said, “Thanks for the warm company of our teachers during the epidemic period, we can not only enjoy delicious food, but also experience the unique campus culture of Sinopec University. We are very enriched and happy!”Seal school does not seal love.The leaders of the School of International Education make great efforts to solve the worries of overseas students, such as the purchase of food and daily necessities. Special personnel are responsible for the withdrawal, purchase of medicine, medical treatment, visa and residence permit and other things they care most about.Volunteers communicated the epidemic prevention and control information to students in a timely manner by phone, wechat, email and other means.”We are very touched, our life and study are normal, we are safe,” he said to his family in another country.In accordance with the requirements of the university, the inspectors will conduct nucleic acid tests every two days.On every nucleic acid test day, falu and other students from Tajikistan come to the student office early to help teachers count the number of students and organize the assembly.At the nucleic acid testing point, they actively help students to open liaoxitong, check the health code.According to the principle of “no one should be omitted”, the school checked the list repeatedly to ensure that all 153 international students should be checked.By April 4, the students had completed the ninth round of nucleic acid tests.During the closure period, the college further strengthened the daily management of international students. Volunteers also joined in the night dormitory inspection, paying attention to students’ physical and psychological conditions at any time, and doing their best to help students in need.”Have a problem, look for red vest.”The volunteers’ “red vest” has become a “most beautiful scenery line” on campus.After the online teaching began, volunteers took the initiative to serve as teaching assistants, guiding students to download courseware and sort out learning problems.Organize students to complete the epidemic psychological fluctuation questionnaire, and summarize all kinds of mental health problems and send them to teachers.Nigerian student ALIU ABASS is also a favorite volunteer.Seeing that the weather was getting hotter and hotter, the hair of his classmates had grown out of the brim of their hats. When he was worried about the long hair, he became a barber and took up scissors and clippers to serve his classmates.”Click, click, click…”With the crisp sound, scissors, comb flying up and down, the students become fresh and agile.”Yang Lei Feng” solved the majority of students “head” and other events.War “epidemic” of the express “foreign” lei feng see because of the outbreak cannot back to school students, graduation for bedroom items, other students KHAN, Pakistan, Tanzania ADELTA international students and student union members formed move panel to help these packaged the dorm baggage, mail valuables, go through the formalities of graduation.The overseas students also received a collection of campus scenery photos and videos from teachers and classmates.”Yang Lei Feng” these warm actions will be “petrified memory” deeply engraved in their hearts, become eternal beautiful memories.Students like KHAN and ADELTA have no trouble doing these repetitive and trivial tasks. “Lei Feng just does small things,” they say. “There is greatness in the ordinary.”In order to respond to COVID-19 emergencies, the School of International Education needs to prepare emergency health observation sites, including 160 rooms for 108 international students in the adjustment area.Gambian student Moses and other volunteers heard the news and jumped into action.They take the initiative to understand the situation, timely the students’ concerns, ideas to tell the teacher, and overcome many things, difficult to sort out and other difficulties take the lead in changing the bed.With the cooperation of teachers and students, all rooms on the 3rd to 7th floors of the college were vacated in just four days.There are many foreign student volunteers like Moses who love school and are ready to help others.Falu, an international student from Tajikistan, said, “When we first came to the school, we visited lei Feng’s spiritual education hall and listened to lei Feng’s spiritual lecture.I also want to do what Lei Feng did and help students in trouble.”This group of “foreign Lei Feng” of Liaoning Shihua University has deeply rooted in the school’s concept of building and educating students with the Spirit of Lei Feng. They know lei Feng, learn from Lei Feng, act like Lei Feng and pass on Lei Feng. During the school’s fight against COVID-19, they have actively served their classmates and silently contributed love, building a youth front for epidemic prevention and control with the spirit of Lei Feng.(Liaoning Bureau of China Daily