Industrial product quality and food safety sampling inspection in 2021, stamp here

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The consumer rights and interests protection day is coming, zibo Market Supervision Bureau released the relevant product quality sampling and key areas of market supervision and law enforcement on March 14.Take a look!In 2021, zibo Market Supervision Bureau carried out product quality supervision and spot check on more than 120 kinds of products, including chemical products, clothing, fire protection products and steel products. A total of 2,985 batches of products were randomly checked, and 2,818 batches were qualified, with a detection rate of 5.59% of unqualified products.The organization carried out product quality supervision and spot check on daily-use ceramics, small household appliances, clothes and detergent, electric bicycles, and supplies for children and students. A total of 309 batches of products were randomly checked and 10 batches of products were found to be unqualified.A total of 1304 batches of automobile gasoline and diesel were randomly checked, and 40 batches of refined oil products from 6 automobile gasoline and diesel production enterprises were randomly checked.Carry out quality supervision and sampling inspection of coating, paint and other products, sampling inspection of 107 batches of products;Spot check 109 batches of plastic shopping bags and agricultural mulching film products, 8 batches of “thickness, mark” items are unqualified.Organized the quality supervision and random inspection of fire protection products, safety helmets, electric vehicle and motorcycle helmets, dangerous chemicals and their packaging products, and found that 153 batches of products were unqualified 11 batches.The organization of quality supervision and sampling inspection of cement, ceramic bricks, wire and cable, construction steel bar and other products, a total of 202 batches of sampling inspection, 11 batches were found to be unqualified.In 2021, A total of 27,480 batches of food safety supervision and sampling inspection were carried out in Zibo city, and 1,063 batches of unqualified food were found, with a problem discovery rate of 3.87%.Among them, the municipal level carried out special and routine spot checks for festivals, soybean products, special food, Internet celebrity barbecue restaurants and other 12 times, a total of 5,883 batches, found unqualified 159 batches, problem detection rate of 2.7%.21 national and provincial routine and special spot checks were carried out, totaling 2,974 batches, and 83 batches were found to be unqualified, with a problem discovery rate of 2.79%.The outstanding problems found in sampling inspection are: coliform group of tableware, residual amount of silver ion detergent does not meet the requirements;Vegetables such as ginger, cowpea, leek, celery and other pesticide residues exceed the standard;Livestock and poultry meat such as chicken, beef and other veterinary drug residues exceed the standard;Processing food additives exceed the limit of use, etc.To the above sampling results, Zibo City market supervision bureau made a public announcement on the official website, to the existence of production, sales of substandard products illegal behavior of the producers and operators investigated according to law, the product quality unqualified detection rate is higher than the implementation of special rectification.(Report by Dazhong Daily client reporter Liu Lei correspondent Liu Gangzhou Chicheng)