Life has to have a dream

2022-06-19 0 By

As the Spring Festival is approaching, more and more people begin their final preparations before the festival.In the city are also in the purchase of New Year goods, there are also gradually return home.Recently, the company has a holiday, but still go to the company every day to stay, always feel in the company, the feeling in the heart is practical, this may be a kind of self-deception, life may be like this, to learn to deceive themselves.All said that did not get, are ready to move, for such a recognition I am recognized, otherwise why always in the continuous pursuit and search, always want to put those beautiful things in the bag, for their own!Life may be so, this also breeds the desire of people, whether it is money, fame and wealth, status, or beauty, always want to stand out, fly.But there was always a limit to the top of the pyramid, and everyone moved around, each doing his best, until at last some went up and some came down.We always see others shining moment, but do not see his efforts to pay.I sent my friend home yesterday, and when I was chatting on the way, I said I wanted to buy a house in Xi ‘an. My friend joked with me that I wanted to buy a house again. In fact, I didn’t have much house, even if it was a little bit, but I always felt it was not suitable for living.Although it is a joke, perhaps it is also a dream, but at least in the heart of the ideal, in the New Year, there is a goal!Life should be a little ideal, if there is no dream of life, and salted fish what is the difference?Even if it’s going to be a salty fish, it should be the saltiest one.Looking back on the past, everything is like clouds and smoke. I don’t know how I stumbled through more than 40 years like this.The same life, the same time, some people scenery is infinite, some people lonely as I, and some people seem to see through all the secular disturbing, live calm.It is said that life is a book, the cover is given by parents, the content is written by yourself.The thickness may not be completely decided by myself, but the degree of excellence is created by myself. As for how many people read, it depends on how many people can be influenced, how many people can be respected and how many people can be achieved.Do not forget the original aspiration, hard work, appropriate bow, confused, with the best attitude to do the best yourself!Too many people in their 40s have heard of a practice called Meditation.In fact, I know, this is not to retreat, is the kind of big faint in the city, small faint in the wild realm.But a kind of helplessness to seek but not, is a kind of compromise to life and fate.Every one of us for life, like a grain of dust, want to stop the pace of progress, fate would mean overrating oneself, so we still can, efforts to improve oneself, if feel the heart is unable to do, that’s face, silent and accept it, I think this is a way of life, we are all ordinary people, we each other are the same,No one will laugh at you, no one will look down on you to give up.In the coming days, let our hearts full of sunshine, not afraid of road resistance and long.People in this life, unexamined is a day, self-confidence and sunshine is a day.Some people are destined to be extraordinary, but some people even if the day is light, there is light in the heart, every day is hot.Be a person with light in your heart, dream, challenge, tolerate everything, warm yourself, but also illuminate others.Always tell yourself that life is not for compromise, and the more you hold back, the less room you have to realize your worth.Life is not for compromise, the more you muddle along, happiness will be far away from you.Stop hiding your dreams. You can only have the future you want if you go ahead and strive for it.