Look back at genghis Khan’s struggle as a world hero

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In our country for thousands of years of history, theory of heroes, is countless, but nobody can compare, genghis khan’s status, no one can shake the generation tianjiao wei yong in, endless long out of the sky month, like myth of genghis khan in history, he is not only a statesman, strategist, he not only has a far-reaching influence on Chinese history,It also promoted the development of world history.Today we talk about how a young boy who lost his father turned himself into a world hero.Genghis Khan’s name was Tiemuzhen, which means “the most refined of iron”. He really showed the style of this name through his life’s struggle.Tiemuzhen’s background is not bad, his father is the head of the Mongolian begging yan department, could have a relatively stable and peaceful childhood, but his father was poisoned and died, without the head of the begging Yan department declined rapidly, subordinates have fled to him, nine-year-old Tiemuzhen and his mother into despair.In order to raise these young children, the mother gathers fruit and sticks out roots, while Temuzhen, a little older, leads his younger brothers to hunt for fish.As the temuzhen brothers grew up, Tali Hutai of Taichi Wu felt that they had become potential enemies, so he attacked Temuzhen. Although he narrowly escaped death, they all survived, and Finally Temuzhen escaped to Hesiluge’s Qinghai Zi.2. After tiemuzhen escaped from The United Mongolia, he knew that he was no match for the Tai Chi Wu clan because of his age and ability. He needed a backer, so he went to His father’s brother Taoli, the leader of the Kelei Clan.After a short repair, Temujin began to accumulate strength, the past father’s old part of all recall, and found a relatively good place as their own place to settle down.After a war with mier beggars, Tiemuzhen won a complete victory, captured the enemy a lot of food and property, this is tiemuzhen in the battlefield for the first time, and Tiemuzhen this re – established team also began to grow slowly, his father’s department of begging yan again, and Tiemuzhen was elected for Khan.Subsequently, Tiemuzhen wiped out the Tata son department for his father’s revenge, with its growing power, the prairie nobles are the enemy to Tiemuzhen, but one by one was defeated by Tiemuzhen, and finally the whole Mongolian plateau to Tiemuzhen unified.3, The establishment of Mongolia With the unification of the Mongolian Plateau, Temujin established Mongolia, the formulation and implementation of the “Da Za Sa”, and this “Da Za SA” is reported to be the world’s first set of the most extensive application of written code, can think of its future development of China and the world has played a significant role.But establishing his own country was not temujin’s ultimate goal. His goal was far beyond Mongolia.When the situation in Mongolia stabilized a little, Temuzhen began to plan and carry out foreign aggression, and the Western Xia and Jin became the primary targets.4. Because of its economic wealth and strategic location, Temuzhen promoted its attack on The Western Xia to the highest level. From 1205 to 1227, temuzhen finally wiped out the Western Xia after six attacks.At that time, the Jin Dynasty was in chaos and its politics were corrupt. At first, Tiemuzhen did not think it difficult to destroy the Jin Dynasty. However, from 1211 to 1216, although he launched several wars, the Jin Dynasty was still not destroyed.By the time of muhuali’s death in 1223, muhuali had conquered Hebei and Shandong in six years, and his son continued his father’s legacy by conquering Heshuo.In addition to conquering the Western Xia and Jin Dynasties, Tiemuzhen also sent Hubilai and Zhebi to conquer the Western Liao in 1208. By 1218, the territory of the Western Liao was completely under the control of the Mongols.1 – the 13th century, established the seljuk turks nobles in thorns submodule countries, along with the continued eastward expansion, and want to while the contradiction between the Mongolian and rulers enter, in 1219, temujin began to sting submodule attack, and its chief Zagreb sides chasing all the way to India, because Mongol armies couldn’t bear the weather of south India, BanShiHuiChao.In 1222, Temujin began to deploy a plan to copy the central and western Persian cities, from the present-day Russian Republic of Dagestan Derbent over the Caucasus Mountains.In 1223, the Mongols fought the Rus and Kipchak armies east of the Kalaga River, and in this battle, the Mongols crossed the Crimean peninsula as the first ever westward invasion.All his life, Tiemuzhen lived on horseback. Even at the age of 64, he was still fighting on the front line of the expedition against the Jin dynasty. Finally, in 1227, his body was overwhelmed, and even on his deathbed, he still urged his successor with his last bit of strength how to “unite the Song Dynasty and destroy the Jin Dynasty”.Genghis Khan is worthy of being a “brave man” and “hero” in history, but he is also a controversial figure. The controversy lies in that he waged wars all his life, and wars are terrible for human beings. However, he has also become a figure hotly discussed and studied by people from all walks of life, and a model for leaders from all walks of life.