Positive coal missing, since the coal actively fill, 28 be ignored by the hot spot

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To be honest, see a Sun Haiyang back home in Hubei, a few are coal all the way to follow.When they arrived at home, they insisted on waiting, and even made the visitors feel sorry for the little sister and the little brother.I used to think it was a good thing, worth repaying.It was still worth repaying, but I had a different feeling about the coal.Lily and her daughter, it has been more than 20 days.Xu Min brother said with 28, this sentence, in fact, is also hot.But it can stir up thousands of waves in a stone from the coal body, and the coal is silent.Think at the beginning yao Ce died, how many coal body scrambling;In December jiujiang real estate, has not received xu Min’s response, “adoptive mother to change the lock” all reported out.Lily and her daughter, regardless of the impact of February 8, at least is the social page of the big news.Why wasn’t there all that coal pouring in?Xu Min brother because of the absence of coal, from the coal body became a source of information, all kinds of speculation, slander.The discussion on what should be done about the Family even outweighed the criticism of the perpetrators.In fact, Xu Yao family is silent, Tian Jing did not worry about the goods.Only once got Li Li love xiong mou, completely nothing, continue to take goods, and even the dark poke poke to say, retribution is some.It’s the same story as the duffers.Caliber because not is the coal or official bulletin, since the coal body news and mixed with too many personal emotions, triggered doubts on xu.Arguments burst forth, opinions diverged to the point of intense emotion.Who would be to blame if something else happened?I hope an objective and fair report will come out soon.On the one hand, it is the absence of positive coal, on the other hand, it is the positive supplement of coal, and finally it comes down to the flow of coal.So, also love flow of positive coal, abandoned this hot spot and ignore, is why?(Pictures from the Internet, infringement must be deleted)