What are the ideas in Zhouyi (21)

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The forty-first hexagrams — The loss of hexagrams.The meaning of the damaged hexagrams is to abandon, loss.1, when you solve a problem, then you still need to be careful, do not relax your mind, once complacent, careless thoughts, there is a possibility of loss.2, give up small interests, to consider reasonable give up, give up to have a sincere, good faith, otherwise can not get big interests.3, people should control their own desires, avoid extravagance and waste, do things to always keep a low-key attitude, self loss and cultivation of mutual transformation, in order to reduce losses.The forty-second Hexagrams — The Beneficial Hexagrams.The meaning of yi hexagrams is benefit.1. When you gain benefits, you should think about whether you also give up something. If you gain benefits without giving up, it is a very dangerous thing.2, do not simply seek their own interests, to do good for others, more let others benefit from it, so do popular, others benefit themselves will benefit, it is meaningful to do so.In the unfavorable situation in the extraordinary period, to maintain moderate, temperate, strengthen their self-cultivation, in order not to let themselves into a crisis.Yatai Street in changchun in light snow