Geometry C in haikou “true fire”, but burned into the skeleton, no casualties

2022-06-20 0 By

Haikou, March 31 — Geometrical automobile brand, in the pure electric vehicle brand has been relatively weak, so the market presence is also inadequate.Even so, a suspected geometric car geometric C, recently in Haikou or “fire”, attention, this is a real fire.According to media channels, a car suspected to be geometry C burst into flames near Fengxiang East Road, Qiongshan District, Haikou City, at about 9:00 on March 27.Pictures posted online showed several people in firefighting suits trying to push a smoking car to one side, which might have been easier to put out after the car was pushed over, but it ended up in a pile of skeletons.According to the owner’s account, “smoke came out of the front of the vehicle just as it came to a stop, but fortunately it got out of the vehicle before it caught fire.”As a result, no one was injured.Officials have not yet responded to the incident and the cause of the fire is unknown.We hope that no matter which car brand, after finding out the cause of the accident in the future, it will promptly disclose the truth to the society and respond to market concerns.It is understood that, recently, geometric automobile announced to increase geometric C model price, the latest subsidy after the price range is 1357-172,700 yuan, and before the car subsidy after the price is 1298-182,800 yuan, that is to say, geometric C entry level models fully rose 5900 yuan.In addition, according to the sales list of new energy models on BITcar App, Geometry C sold 6,614 vehicles in the past six months, ranking 63rd.Around – the presence of geometric car, concept car essay does not wei and xiao peng, ideal, building cars, such as horses and zero run new forces, the reason is very clear, geometric C cumulative sales of six months, even worse than the similar brand sales a month, that is, geometric C are not under market recognition, or sales will not lose face.On the other hand, if the fire was caused by geometric C’s quality problems, geometric should be held responsible. If not, we expect Geometric to respond to market concerns — it is better to let people know the truth than to guess.The picture comes from the network, invade delete!