Remember the romance of cherry blossoms?

2022-06-20 0 By

Today, I happened to brush the romantic cherry blossom fragment, and was instantly pulled back to my youth by Cecilia Cheung’s pure face and light music.At that time, I was still in middle school, and it was the Youth Day of May 4th when all classes were preparing the program of offering gifts.The next class rang at noon…Like the cherry blossoms till they fall…The light and romantic music attracted a large number of students on the same floor to crowded their classroom window to watch their class dance!Later, the dance won the school championship.Music and dancing are also popular throughout the school.Later, under the influence of the song, she followed Cecilia Cheung and Aaron Kwok in the TV drama romantic Cherry Blossoms.Cecilia cheung put le ‘er’s youth beautiful show incisively and vividly!It is said that when shooting this play, guo Fucheng personally church is not good at dancing Baizhi!Le ‘er, a girl of mixed blood between China and Japan, is happy and lively. She runs away from her marriage and comes to Shanghai.Le er bright and clear let suffer from color blindness Wang Jinsheng feeling to see the color that has not seen.Do any of you remember the dance and the song and the music?