Reward from 200,000 to millions, Jiangxi police wanted “big face flower” Long Qinfeng

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Direct assistance in the capture of criminal suspects can be rewarded with a million!On February 15, the public security bureau of Yongxin County, Ji ‘an city, Jiangxi Province, issued a reward notice for the arrest of long Qinfeng, a suspect involved in gang-related crimes, with a reward of 1 million yuan.Units or individuals who directly assist in the capture of Long Qinfeng will be rewarded with a reward of 1 million yuan, according to the notice.A reward of 500,000 yuan will be offered to any unit or individual that leads to the arrest of Long Qinfeng.It is reported that the suspect Long Qinfeng, nicknamed “big face flower”, male, Han nationality, born in August 1981, ID number: 362430198108040312, about 167 cm tall, strong, Jiangxi accent, household registration department of Jiangxi Province Ji ‘an Yongxin County Hechuan Town Dongli Village Long Jia Group no. 38.In addition, the police also disclosed the identity of the girlfriend of the suspect, Long Qinfeng.It is understood that Liu Huihui, female, Han nationality, born in April 1998, ID number :362430199804166028, height about 160 centimeters, jiangxi accent, registered permanent residence is No. 20 baimendugong Group, Yangshan Village, Buqian Town, Yongxin County, Ji ‘an City, Jiangxi Province, May live with Long Qinfeng.In fact, as early as April 8, 2021, the Public Security bureau of Yongxin County in Jiangxi province issued a reward notice for the suspect Long Qinfeng.The first announcement said that under the unified command of the Ji ‘an public Security Bureau, yongxin County public Security bureau launched a centralized arrest of the gang led by Long Qinfeng and Long Xingxing. Currently, more than 40 members of the gang have been arrested, but the suspect Long Qinfeng and others are still being hunted.According to the notice at the time, police will reward anyone who leads to the capture of fugitive Long Qinfeng by June 30, 2021 with a reward of 100,000 yuan.The public security organs will give a reward of 200,000 YUAN to any meritorious unit or individual who directly helps arrest the police.The reward notice should state the basic information of the target and the reward amount. After a lag of 10 months, the police issued another notice to increase the reward amount to 1 million yuan.After the release of the one million reward, it has aroused widespread concern in the society. The reporter found that in recent years, many public security organs have issued reward circulars, which are mostly for those who are on the run from Mafia organizations, homicide cases and drugs, and the reward amounts are different.So, what is a reward notice?How is it different from a wanted poster?What is the amount of reward for the notice of reward and the wanted notice?Notice of reward refers to a measure whereby public security organs solicit help from others by rewarding them in order to discover criminal clues, recover property and evidence involved in the crime, and hunt down suspects and criminals.Notice of reward can mobilize the enthusiasm of the broad masses of the people to fight against criminals together.According to the regulations, in order to find clues to major crimes, recover property and evidence involved in the case, and hunt down criminal suspects, when necessary, with the approval of the head of the public security organ at or above the county level, a reward notice may be issued;The notice of reward shall clearly state the basic information of the object of reward and the specific amount of reward.The law does not stipulate the conditions for issuing the notice of reward. In the practice of investigation, the departments handling cases decide whether to issue the notice according to the situation of the case and the progress of investigation.Normally, crimes have larger social harmfulness or bad social influence, reward object has obvious characteristics, or the people could grasp the situation, the public security organs can reward for announcements, such as the black evil forces criminal investigation in order to reward notices clues to mobilize the public to provide related crime, or crimes in criminal suspects identity failed to clear and not enough to arrest conditions such as cases,A reward was offered to the public to help catch the suspect.In daily life, in addition to the reward notice, the public security organs will also issue a wanted notice, which is somewhat similar to the reward notice.The reporter learned that the wanted notice refers to the judicial organs in order to arrest criminals on the run, in a certain range, by Posting, radio, TELEVISION, network and other means, issued to criminals wanted documents.According to regulations, if a criminal suspect who should be arrested is on the run, the public security organ may issue a wanted notice and take effective measures to track him down and bring him to justice.Public security organs at various levels may directly issue wanted notices within areas under their jurisdiction;Areas beyond its jurisdiction shall be reported to the authorities at higher levels that have the power to make decisions for publication.In China, the Ministry of Public Security can issue wanted warrants nationwide, and provinces, cities and counties can also issue wanted warrants for fugitives involved.The a-level warrants issued by the Ministry of Public Security are those that the Ministry considers necessary to be issued nationwide;The b-level wanted warrant is a warrant issued nationwide by provincial public security organs that deems it necessary to carry out a nationwide wanted warrant and is approved by the Ministry of Public Security.The differences between wanted and reward notices fall into three categories.First of all, they have different release horizons.The issuing scope of a wanted notice should be limited within the jurisdiction of the issuing organ, and those beyond the jurisdiction of the issuing organ should be reported to the public security organ at a higher level for decision, while the issuing scope of a reward notice can be determined according to the specific case and the needs of investigation, without too much limitation of jurisdiction.Secondly, the object of the wanted notice is different from that of the reward notice. The object of the wanted notice is the fugitive, including the criminal suspect and defendant who should be arrested and escaped from custody, while the reward notice may be the criminal suspect, or may be helpful to solve the case clue or evidence.Finally, in terms of the amount of reward, the reward notice provides a reward and must specify the exact amount of the reward, which may or may not be provided for a wanted warrant.According to the nature of the case and the social harm, the reward is different. Why do some reward notices reward tens of thousands of dollars, while others reward up to one million dollars?In this regard, the reporter learned that the reward amount of the wanted notice and the reward notice basically depends on two factors.One is the nature of crime, social impact and social harm.Normally, the more serious the case and the greater the danger to society, the higher the reward is likely to be.The second is the ability to pay, willingness and relevant provisions of issuing organs.The reporter found that in May 2021, hainan police issued a million yuan reward notice for two suspects involved in criminal gangs.In September 2021, police in Guilin, Guangxi Province, announced a reward of 5,000 to 10,000 yuan for gang-related crimes.It can be said that there are few million-dollar reward notices issued by the police.It is understood that according to relevant regulations, the reward amount of a-level wanted warrant is uniformly set at 50,000 yuan, which will be paid by the Ministry of Public Security. However, sometimes in order to enhance the incentive force, the local public security organs responsible for investigating the case may increase some reward on the basis of 50,000 yuan, and the additional part will be paid by the public security organs handling the case.The reward amount for b-level wanted notices is determined by provincial public security organs according to their ability and willingness to pay, and paid by provincial public security organs.In addition to the “A” notice, other wanted and reward notices vary and are not capped.Whether it is a wanted notice or a reward notice, their purpose is to deter crime and bring criminals to justice as soon as possible, so as to ensure social stability and harmony.Source: Qilu Evening News website