Soak up snow, forge ahead

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In contrast to the beautiful scenery, in the construction sites of key projects of Chanba Ecological District, there is a busy scene everywhere. Despite the cold, workers are constantly scrambling for construction time and schedule.At the construction site of xi ‘an International Convention and Exhibition Center Phase II exhibition Center, all kinds of construction vehicles are busy, and workers are busy in order to ensure that the project is completed on time and with good quality.At present, 90% of the main project, curtain wall project and roof project of xi ‘an International Convention and Exhibition Center Ii exhibition Center has been completed and is in the final stage.Later, it will focus on mechanical and electrical engineering, fine decoration engineering, outdoor engineering and other construction operations.Orderly In xi ‘an International Convention and Exhibition Center ii Expo project site, the cold weather did not affect the progress of the workers, everyone in their respective duties, hard work, the work in order, the project construction steadily advance.It is understood that the asiaworld-Expo project has completed the main structure and facade presentation, to achieve outdoor floodlight lighting.At present, workers are stepping up the outdoor car ramp construction and outdoor landscape earthwork backfill, at the same time, the roof has been completed waterproof construction, roof water closure;The construction of some stairs and elevator shaft are also in progress.Xi ‘an international conference and exhibition center project is to promote shaanxi, xi ‘an level and major international conference and exhibition, sports, cultural exchange activities such as the bearing capacity of the project is a new engine of promoting the construction of national center city of xi ‘an once appearance is striking a phase of the project have been successfully hosted the Eurasian economic BBS, silk expo, the week of national network security and so on many international and domestic influenceExhibition and conference activities for asiaworld-expo phase ii project internal space set exhibitions, conferences and business office, and other functions into an organic whole is convention and exhibition center to the whole function of further perfected to promote the development of xi ‘an convention and exhibition industry play a radiating and driving play exhibition economy is of great significance and phase ii exhibition center (pavilion) project of heavy exhibition hall capacity of 5 tons per SQM for large equipment manufacturing military and civilianFusion equipment exhibition provides favorable conditions will greatly enrich action Ba biome and even the whole city exhibition function mission in mind beginner’s mind, pragmatic tried action Ba biome effort to promote the construction of key projects to write high quality development action Ba chapter cohesion to build international forerunner area graphic from xi ‘an national central city: action Ba biome