Experts say sugar lovers should avoid using heating facilities for a long time

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Wuhan Evening News (correspondent Zhou Shan) “because of the cold weather, open two heaters, 24 hours of baking, I tired at home on the sofa to lie down, wake up to watch TV, drink some frozen carbonated drinks, strong tea, smoke cigarettes.”According to 77-year-old Xu, the pleasant life in his old age changed half a month ago.Severe dehydration and excessive intake of sweets, resulting in blood sugar explosion, the elderly deeply diabetic hyperosmolar coma, risk of death.Recalling the illness, Grandpa Xu’s family is still afraid.Open two heaters to keep warm, grandpa xu thirsty, at first, he only feel dry mouth, drank frozen carbonated drinks to quench dry, then fell in love with the taste, eat three meals a day for frozen drinks, fruit such as sweet grapes, watermelon, orange beef, until nonsense, fatigue, sleepiness, exceptions, such as fuzzy consciousness frightened family,Thinking that she was having a stroke, she dialed 120 to send her to Yangtze River Shipping General Hospital · Wuhan Brain Hospital for treatment.Gong Cheng is making ward rounds for Grandpa Xu.The hospital quickly opened the emergency green channel, while stabilizing vital signs, while improving the examination, timely eliminated the risk of cerebrovascular accident.Later, gong Cheng, a doctor receiving him in the department of nephrology and endocrinology, found that Grandpa Xu’s blood sugar was off the charts, blood pressure plummeted, plasma osmotic pressure, electrolytes and other indicators were obviously exceeded, and he was immediately diagnosed as suffering from diabetic hyperotonic coma combined with renal insufficiency.Combination of old people daily life habits and disease, Gong Cheng said that patients with diabetes, cerebral infarction, and other basic original disease history, although at ordinary times in the regular medication, but not from life “tube shut up, move around,” no more monitor glucose or review, so poor long-term blood sugar control, coupled with excessive heating, are more likely to cause and aggravate the infection and dehydration,At this time, if we adjust the way of heating, timely water supplement, timely monitoring of blood glucose and other indicators, the progression of the disease can be contained earlier. Unfortunately, the old man does not attract attention, but eats too many high-sweet drinks and fruits, which leads to a series of symptoms such as inability to answer questions, confusion and confusion.In order to prevent the deterioration of the disease life-threatening, the department director Guo Aili immediately organized the medical team for Grandpa Xu insulin hypoglycemia, a large amount of fluid, anti-infection and other symptomatic treatment.The next day, the old man’s consciousness recovery, mental state improved significantly, blood sugar and other indicators decreased significantly.Recently, due to improper heating, diet caused by abnormal blood sugar patients are common.According to Guo, diabetes can be prevented and controlled. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes should bring their own blood glucose meter at home and monitor it two days a week while strictly controlling their diet and exercising moderately.For elderly diabetic population sense and tactile sensitivity of temperature, it is best to avoid when using heating, close to use for a long time, pay attention to ventilation, hydrating, once appear due to the improper heating dry mouth, drink more, dry skin has burst, eyeball caved in, drop in blood pressure, depressed, disturbance of consciousness, and so on and so forth, had better go to normal hospital in time, endocrinology,Acute complications of diabetes caused by abnormal blood glucose were excluded.