“If you block Huawei 5G, you will be grounded!”American airlines have called biden’s bluff

2022-06-21 0 By

In recent years, the United States has increasingly imposed sanctions on Huawei, which has affected huawei’s development. Fortunately, huawei has a strong motherland behind it, so it will not fall into a slump.Unexpectedly, the United States was in trouble of its own.American Airlines even went to war with the US government over Huawei.According to relevant media reports, a number of AIRLINES in the United States have asked the government to strictly regulate the deployment of 5G networks in China, as 5G networks at airports may affect aircraft systems, which could lead to major accidents if not dealt with in time.Biden has had his hands full trying to deal with the issue because domestic carriers can only set up 5G towers near airports, and they can’t meet the airlines’ requirements.Huawei’s 5G technology is world-leading, leaving even American high-tech companies far behind. Only Huawei can meet the requirements of American airlines.From a technical point of view, Huawei is able to control the range of 5G signals more accurately, and the technology it uses is also centimeter wave technology, which has low cost and accurate positioning.In order to compete with Huawei, the United States requires domestic companies to use only high-frequency millimeter wave technology, which has many shortcomings in practical use. The United States itself is clear that centimeter wave technology is the best, and the United States army is using this technology.However, under the mandate of the government, the telecom operators in the United States had to comply with this embarrassing situation, and the service of the operators could not meet the requirements of customers.At present, the conflict between American airlines and operators is very sharp, and airlines are eager to solve the security problem. 5G base station is a huge hidden danger to the aircraft system.However, American operators have no way to change the technology at all, and they also need to consider the cost. Since airport traffic is relatively large, building a corresponding number of 5G base stations at the airport can also create a lot of profits for themselves.America’s government is in a quandary, where airlines and telecoms operators are both vital pillars of industry and cannot afford to mess with either.However, the US government has no better idea. Even if it lets operators change the technology, it will have to consider how to solve huawei’s technology patent problem, as Huawei has obtained a large number of patents on 5G technology.For the United States, the most perfect solution is to lift the ban on Huawei. Once Huawei’s 5G technology is adopted, the conflict between airlines and 5G operators will disappear.Some sources: Defense Times