Iran could be thrown out of the World Cup by FIFA, while Italy are expected to be replaced

2022-06-21 0 By

Iran could be banned from the World Cup in Qatar after FIFA imposed its harshest punishment for not allowing women fans to attend the round of 12 match, according to RMC.About 2,000 Iranian women fans who had bought tickets for Iran’s 2-0 win over Lebanon in the last round of the round of 12 were denied access to the stadium.Hundreds of Iranian female fans protested outside the stadium and were reportedly evicted by police with pepper spray.FIFA has been demanding that Iran allow female fans into the stadium, and they were once again barred from entering the stadium after they were allowed in for the World Cup qualifier against Iraq in January.In response, FIFA expressed outrage that Iran had once again refused to allow female fans into its football stadium to watch its national team play Lebanon.FIFA has asked the Iranian football Association for more information and an explanation for the ban on female fans.According to Iranian law, women must be accompanied by a man to enter the stadium to watch the match. It is said that Iran has been too loose in the online ticketing process, which has resulted in a large number of female fans who bought tickets alone being unable to enter the stadium. Instead, it would be better to make the area for women only, which is safe and respects religious etiquette.The Iranian football Association now fears the incident could lead to tough sanctions from FIFA – including expulsion from the Qatar World Cup.In the round of 12 just ended, Iran’s men’s football team performed amazingly, with 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss of 25 points to beat the South Korean men’s football team, and qualified for the World Cup as the first place in Group A.In FIFA’s latest men’s world rankings, Iran is ranked 21st, ahead of Japan and South Korea at no. 1 in Asia.According to Italian media outlet Sport Mediaset, if Iran does get kicked out of the World Cup, FIFA will in theory have to choose one country to replace, and it is likely that they will give preference to a higher ranked country so that Italy can qualify for the Tournament.Currently ranked sixth in the world, Italy is the highest ranked team to fail to qualify for the World Cup.Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup for the second time in a row after a shock play-off defeat to surprise north Macedonia.It is not known whether Italy will succeed in picking up the “pie in the sky” if Iran is indeed expelled from the World Cup.Some Chinese netizens said that once the Iranian men’s football team is banned, Asian teams will fill the quota, but with the record of China’s national football team, even if we fill the quota, we will not be able to take the big pie from heaven.