“The New Six Fingers” is coming?Chen Haomin turns “Oriental White”, Wang Jing really “boutique”

2022-06-21 0 By

This is 2022 years old, you also don’t know Mr. Wong director should never be allowed two new handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “, in the online cloud theaters during the Chinese New Year, or paying played in two films, how many people are heading for jet li’s version of “magic teach hierarch of handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember” feelings, the result is really hope that the greater the disappointment, the greater the effects what aside, I also don’t say old,Play “Zhou Zhi if” that actor makeup is really pull crotch, be laughed should play extinction teacher too!But Wang Jing director came out rigid speech, said his casting is very satisfied, said that everyone has their own mind zhou Zhi if, Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min, they can not do anyone is satisfied, that as long as their own this director feel appropriate, can trick performance can be.But the audience’s ridicule will not be disappointed, the two “New Heaven Slaying dragon” is a failing score!But the flunking didn’t stop Wang Jing, who is now working on Ni Kuang’s masterpiece, Six Fingers.That is to say, the New Six Fingers Piano Demon is coming, or director Wang Jing, after the Heaven and Dragon Slaughter, this is a very classic martial arts novel has not escape director Wang Jing.Say more classic “six QinMo”, that is Lin qingxia version of the film “the six QinMo”, brigitte Lin what acting skills and level in appearance, natural need not say more, and quiet ever captured starring drama version of “the six QinMo”, quiet nature is needless to say, the two person’s swagger and aura to everyone.But after seeing Wang Jing’s “New Six Fingers Piano Demon” leading cast, it is really not happy to get up, because in addition to play “Oriental white” that, really is not a knowledge.The leading actor turned out to be Chen Haomin, the “Daoji” in the “Living Buddha”, who once played Duan Yu in the “Heavenly Dragon Eight Parts”, but suspected that due to excessive medical beauty caused facial stiffness, and in recent years, Chen Haomin frequently starred in the “bad movie” remake.More funny is, Chen Haomin this change “Oriental white”, from halcyon teleplay version of the male no. 2, change into male no. 1 Oriental white.From the exposure of the stills, it is really completely modern enough, with this style this level of appearance, is it definitely Oriental white?Sure enough, just like what the netizens said, Wang Jing is really a “boutique”, sitting firmly “the king of bad film” title.What the hell is this tao thing?A shoddy net red wind, the body is the use of a new fashion?Black is black, then this is like weaving basket like clothes, what style is this?She is a network red face also calculate, this body red black collocation from where to learn, cheap and tacky, no wonder the official called “super network drama”, really is full of network red style ah!Wang Jing really produces “fine works”, and the title of “King of bad films” is not for nothing. I deeply feel that the fear of being dominated by “New Heaven And Dragon Slaying” comes again. What do you think of Wang Jing’s version of “New Six Fingers Musical Instrument Demon”?