The big surprise!No. 1 in the Western Conference went down, Trey Young went crazy with 43 points, and Ayton’s Max contract is up in the air

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Beijing time on February 4, the NBA regular season continues, the SUNS away challenge the Hawks!The SUNS, who won 11 straight games to finish first in the Western Conference with a 41-9 record, are three games behind the Warriors and have a very good chance of clinching first in the western Conference or even the league this season.The Hawks have also picked up momentum recently, with a seven-game winning streak that was snapped by a loss to the Raptors, but the team has settled into a rhythm and is not without a chance against the SUNS.The SUNS 3 big booker, Paul, Ayton this game together starting, team lineup gathered, their desire to win higher!At the beginning of the game, Bridges, booker repeatedly take points, directly led the sun hit a perfect start of 8:2!The situation is not good, Trey Young exploded, personal consecutive scoring 5 points, led the Hawks sent back an 8-2 run.After 2 teams began to fall into a seesaw war, you come to me to alternately lead the score, the first section of the war, the Eagles only lead 2 points.McGee into a 2+1, Huerte, Gallinari 3 points out a strong response, after huerte’s personal sturm 3 3 points, directly help the Hawks build an 8 point advantage!Seeing the other side is about to rise, Paul stood out, a pass and a shot for the SUNS to stabilize the situation, then C- Johnson, Bridges also repeatedly power, the two teams once again into a tug of war, the SUNS narrowed the deficit to 3 points at the half.Into the second half, Bridges suddenly burst out, personal alone scored 7 points, will directly lead the score!However, although Bridges strong, but the Hawks offensive point more, Trey Young, Collins scored a series of points, Xu Holt, Bogdan hit three, the Hawks again offensive surge, regain the initiative on the court, the third quarter also extended the advantage to nine points.9 points difference, the game is still very much in suspense, but the SUNS forced this step, the Hawks this field play is worthy of recognition!The SUNS are still in a slump at the end of the quarter, okonwu, Bogdan directly extended the lead to 12 points.The moment of crisis, the Sun burned through the fire to change 5 small lineup, the team also once chased down to only 6 points!But at the critical moment, Trey Young shot a 3 point accurate guidance, directly killed the game, the hawks finally beat the SUNS 124-115, ending the opponent’s 11 straight wins, complete the big upset show.Ending their 11-game winning streak and dropping to no. 1 in the Western Conference, the Hawks pulled off a big upset, and the team’s performance was indeed worthy of recognition.The Eagles this field is a multi-point bloom, the team fully six people scored in double figures, scoring many points, each of them presented their own firepower.New All-Star starter Trey Young, in particular, played his part, scoring 43 points on 16-of-25 shooting, including 6-of-11 from 3-point range, in 36 minutes against veteran Chris Paul. His offensive firepower on the court was also the key for the Hawks to upset the SUNS.On the contrary, the Sun, six points on double performance is not bad, but the team defense has not a small problem, especially Ayton, has become a big drag on the field!Ayton played 24 minutes, only six points, nine rebounds and four assists, in the face of a group of Hawks inside completely inferior, and even become the team’s breakthrough, which also made the SUNS at the critical moment have no choice but to use Ayton, replaced by five small lineup, but also did not save the team.So far this season, Ayton is averaging 9.6 passes per game in the paint, which ranks first in the NBA. He’s averaging 16.6 points, 10.4 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game, and many of those numbers are created by his teammates.Even so, averaged less than 20 points, so the ai data exist a lot of water, especially mackey, than ever and so on center with the help of Paul, played the same bright eye data, is to let the value of edgerton, as his performance in terms of the end of the season, he wants to get a maximum contract, basically is suspended.