The city people and Social Security Bureau held a meeting on people and social security work

2022-06-21 0 By

In order to fully implement the provincial and municipal “two sessions”, economic work and the spirit of the whole province’s people and social work conference, on the afternoon of February 10th, the municipal bureau of people and social work held a meeting on people and social work.The meeting carefully summarized the achievements and highlights and weaknesses of human and social security work in 2021, discussed and exchanged typical experience and advanced practices of other regions, studied and proposed the work and measures of human and social security work this year, clarified what to do and how to do it, reached consensus, and established the direction.Conference pointed out that in 2021, the city’s social work under the strong leadership of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government, in the province people club hall, under the careful supervision of strengthening bear, as actively, overcome hard, blaze new trails, bottom line firmly hold steady employment task, strengthen social insurance supporting ability, further promote the reform of personnel talent management service system, in accordance with the construction of a harmonious and stable labor relations,We took concrete steps to improve our work style and improve our ability to serve the people. We carried out key tasks in an innovative and pragmatic manner, fulfilled the targets and tasks for the year, and got the 14th Five-Year Plan off to a good start.The meeting called for unified thinking and action in line with the deployment requirements of the central, provincial and municipal governments, to consolidate the foundation for our work, make up for weak points and weaknesses, accurately define our duties and responsibilities, be keenly aware of risks and challenges, strengthen our confidence and resolve, take the initiative to act, and ensure stable employment as the main task in our work.We will coordinate the reform of the social security system, innovation in personnel management systems and mechanisms, and the building of harmonious labor relations. We will deepen systematic work practices, strengthen it application support, and effectively prevent and defuse major risks and challenges. We will seize opportunities and work hard to make progress in human and social undertakings in this new stage and on this new journey