Thousands of jobs are waiting for you to hold the first offline job fair of “Spring Breeze Action” in Luoshan County

2022-06-21 0 By

Image net news (the elephant news reporter Wu Yanfei correspondent Ying-ying peng shi yan Tian Chengrui) recently, luoshan county “spring breeze action” in 2022 the first offline job fairs, crowded, noisy, including electronic membrane switch co., LTD., henan letter in xinyang electronics technology co., LTD., xinyang yi heat material co., LTD.,More than 20 enterprises participated in the on-site recruitment, competing to recommend their own preferential treatment to the applicants.Companies are putting their benefits in the most prominent position to attract more job seekers.According to the introduction, the site offline recruitment of a total of more than 1200 positions, including general engineering, professional technology, management and other positions, covering electronics, textile, new materials and other industries.At the same time, a “cloud” end “do not meet” online job fair is also synchronized.”What is your monthly salary?””Is it double or single?”Every family who came to apply for jobs carefully looked at the recruitment notice, from time to time to the enterprise site recruitment personnel detailed treatment and job requirements, work content and so on.”Today my sisters and I visited several companies and applied for them.”I work in front of my home, and the salary is similar to outside. It is also convenient to take care of the elderly and children.”Come to apply for li Juan said happily.According to statistics, up to now, more than 500 people have come to participate in the on-site recruitment, and 166 people have reached the employment intention.Since the “Spring Breeze Action” was launched in January this year, Luoshan county has held 8 online live recruitment sessions and 1 on-site recruitment fair, providing 3,100 positions, reaching 2,131 intentions and sending 858 workers for enterprises.”We will continue to carry out similar recruitment activities, with better service, more sincere attitude, for the masses of employment demand and employment demand of enterprises as a good ‘nanny’, to ensure that the county enterprise employment security, job hunting more convenient.”Luoshan county people society bureau director Shen Yanzhong said.