Warcraft nostalgic clothing: liver emperor has been out of the void dragon, squat egg party 100G a?Double occupations add success

2022-06-21 0 By

Since the release of warcraft retro P3, most players have flocked to the two T6 teambooks, while a small number of players have put their minds elsewhere, such as the addition of the spirit Wing Dragon prestige in P3, which can be worshiped and bought the most representative flying mount of TBC version, spirit Wing Baby dragon.Want to achieve spiritual pterosaurs popularity worship mainly consisted of brush daily tasks, prestige improve each stage will be one more additional daily tasks, if in accordance with the normal target every day, about to nearly a month of time to achieve popularity worship, but in nostalgia has liver you get ahead of the nether drake mounts.The reason why this player is called liver Emperor, mainly because this player is not by brushing daily tasks to achieve the reputation of worship, but by looking for dragon eggs, dragon eggs are also a way to boost the reputation of young wing dragon, do daily tasks near the map will randomly refresh the dragon eggs, players can hand in NPC after picking up,Each dragon egg reward 250 points at present most of the egg to refresh the site are fixed, the fort, there are two points, the surface of the island, there are two, mine is in most cases can have six points of the egg, can brush a an average of 15 minutes, so the players can worship of popularity in such a short time, almost every day online time consumption on picking up the egg, and in accordance with the 250 a prestigious,Also need to pick up at least 100 dragon eggs.And ling Wing dragon egg competition is very fierce, want to pick up the dragon eggs in the population big clothes like winning the lottery, ordinary players can see a dragon eggs in two or three days, so the liver emperor players can get so many dragon eggs, should be stained with the light of ghost clothes.Dragon eggs in some money players eyes, has become a good business opportunities, although the egg as interactive items are bind on pick up, but can be eliminated by automatic picking function, however at the interface to keep open the egg loot can achieve the purpose of the other players can’t pick up, then sell it in the channel of the egg, and a team invited buyers,Then let the buyers pick up the eggs, which can be sold for 60G or even 100G each, depending on the server.There are also other ways to get eggs, such as KLZ’s Nether Dragon boss, which drops one egg for each player, and the ability to mine and harvest eggs near the nether Dragon’s daily map, so dual harvesters can theoretically get nether Baby’s mount faster.However, for some players who have played the official suit, nether baby dragon mount is no longer attractive, playing the nostalgic suit with a big bird ride is ok, do not care about the model appearance, there is no need to spend money and time to brush dragon eggs.