Weeping willow green, peach blossom red, beautiful spring is coming

2022-06-21 0 By

Spring breeze warm, flowers in full bloom, beautiful spring came slowly.You see the park, the valley edge, hillside, ditch cankan, everywhere green flowers.Go into the beautiful nature, let us feel the warm spring together, listen to the sound of flowers.Weeping willow filar silk continuously, peach blossom tender red tender red, red willow green, what a beautiful landscape!The weeping willows and peach blossoms were reflected in the calm lake.The red peach blossoms are blooming. Have you come to admire them?Human face peach blossom each other red, your mood must be very beautiful?Small bridge water, spring flowers, a charming scenery!Pavilions and pavilions reflected in the flowers and trees, really beautiful ah!The flowers are in full bloom.Hello, friends!If you also like nature, like animals, plants, beautiful things, like reading, drawing, beautiful things, then follow me (Forest C), every day to share wonderful things.Thank you for your attention, welcome to like, comment, forward, favorites, your encouragement is my biggest motivation.Thank you very much!Even better if it’s strongly recommended (hold the “like” button and press it a little longer)!