Xu Min and Yao Wei took Qi Qi to train. Xu Ma kept smiling

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Recently, Tian Jing released a video of life attracted everyone’s attention, in the video xu Min and Yao Wei with Qiqi and Yueyue two children playing the game of “train”, smile on their faces, looks very warm, let a person envy.To be able to play with his son so happily, for xu Min a year ago is unimaginable, at that time Yao Wei was deeply affected by the wrong life events, the body was burdened with heavy pressure, and at that time Yao Wei also refused to recognize Xu Min, Xu Min can only be in tears every day.But now, it’s all gone, it’s never going to happen again, it’s only going to get better.Through the video can be found, the head of the family Yao Wei is the “engine”, and careful Xu Min is the last party in the team, protecting the safety of the two children Qi Qi and Yue Yue.At the same time can also see Xu Min’s care and love for the two children.Netizens expressed their best wishes for the family’s happiness forever, and some even noticed that Yueyue has grown to yao wei’s waist compared to a year ago.If there is one word to describe yao wei and Xu Min’s current reunion, it has not come easily.This family has experienced many setbacks on the road of recognition. At the beginning, Yao Wei was deceived by rumors and refused to recognize Xu Min. Finally, under the persuasion of Tian Jing, Yao Wei gave up the idea of breaking off the relationship with Xu Min.Some netizens believe that yao wei’s marriage with Xu Min is unfair to Du Ma, who has raised Yao wei for 28 years. Yao wei is a “white eyed monster”, and these rumors have caused a serious impact on yao wei’s life.Later yao Wei and Tian Jing slowly improved the economic distress of life through live broadcast with goods, but those “black fans” still did not give up, have repeatedly released smearizing Xu Min and Tian Jing’s remarks, in order to break Yao Wei’s peaceful life.Fortunately, yao or Tian jing did not let these rumors bring them down, but persevered and life got better and better.Now the reunion is not only the happiness of Yao Wei and Xu Min, but also the happiness of Yao Wei, Xu Min and Qiqi Yueyue.Although the truth of the wrong life incident has not been found out, xu Min will not give up the truth, and all the netizens will not give up the truth until the truth is found out that day.