A brigade of the 71st Group Army carried out a special campaign to clean up the atmosphere before the holiday

2022-06-22 0 By

Nanjing, January 30 (Zhang Qining, Hu Tongzhi) Spring Festival approaching, a brigade of the 71st Group Army to carry out the “five checks and five qing” campaign, cleaning up the ideological style of work, officers and soldiers, interpersonal communication and other five categories of problems.The brigade issued an open letter of integrity and sent integrity messages to those on leave;Open the telephone of leading cadres, requiring the morality supervisor to hold the certificate;We called on Party members and officials at all levels to lead by example in implementing regulations, severely investigate and report to those who violate discipline in real time, and continue to work to improve party conduct and strengthen party discipline, and guide officers and soldiers to have a clean and refreshing year.Organize class scheduling discussion.Dong Hao photo “cutting edge to cure the stubborn disease, pass forward pure ethos, promote the development of ethos construction to depth.”Brigade political commissary Qian Wujun said, this special activity they read from the “magic bullet”, multiple measures to play a set of “combination”, officers and soldiers to grassroots atmosphere satisfaction and gain a sense of continuous improvement, officers and entrepreneurs feel comfortable, training and war morale is high, the New Year work started smoothly.