A proposal on the practice of changing customs and customs during epidemic prevention and control

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County the masses of urban and rural residents: recently, the domestic outbreak was point, wide noodles, more frequent, the epidemic form is complicated, for the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control requirements, reduce the risk of the disease spread, safeguard the people’s life safety and health, epidemic prevention and control during the propulsion transforming social traditions, promote civilization new wind sent the following initiatives: a, wedding delay run slow.During the epidemic prevention and control period, it is encouraged to postpone weddings, the full moon and other festive events, while housewarming, birthdays and other festive events are not held or postponed. Wechat, phone calls and videos are also encouraged to send blessings.Online booking for marriage registration should be promoted, and registration should be carried out at different peak times. Registration on special days should be avoided, and masks must be worn at all times during registration, and relevant regulations on epidemic prevention should be observed.2. Make funerals simple and quick.Sacrifice and abundance is not as good as the thick!We advocate respect and filial piety, so that the elderly can be supported, entertained and enjoy their old age.During the epidemic prevention and control period, in line with the principle of simplicity, we advocate quick and simple funerals, immediately report to the village (community), and take the initiative to the Red and White Council for the record, minimize the number of participants, do not gather a large number of people, pay attention to keep a safe distance, and do a good job in prevention of the epidemic.Three, civilization safety sacrifice.On the occasion of tomb-sweeping Day, we consciously abandon uncivilized sacrificial methods and do not burn incense and paper or set off firecrackers in mountain forests, grasslands, roadside, squares, residential areas, buildings, parks and scenic spots.Take the initiative to offer flowers, network worship, family memorial, planting trees and other low-carbon, environmental protection way to remember the deceased, with modern civilization to express the emotion of careful death.Fourth, promote new trends of The Times.Continue to deepen “do civilization polite people in gansu province” ten civilized demonstration leading role in the epidemic prevention and control, advocate the practice of “table” civilization “civilized travel” civilized practices such as action, develop wearing a mask, wash your hands frequently, often ventilated, cluster, gathered, one-meter line, centiliter dining-table, separate eating food and other good habits, don’t go out unless necessary.We will intensify the patriotic health campaign, improve living conditions, discard uncivilized habits and build a better homeland.5. Party members take the lead and set an example.Party members and officials should set an example in civilized and frugal handling of weddings, funerals and epidemic prevention and control, and guide relatives and friends to postpone weddings, simplify funerals and skip banquets.We should take the lead in avoiding meals and gatherings, and in avoiding rumors, believing and spreading rumors.It is necessary to strengthen the education and guidance of relatives, friends and the surrounding masses, and promptly discourage illegal activities such as hosting banquets and gatherings.Civilized units at all levels, civilized villages and towns (communities), civilized campuses and civilized families should take the lead in implementing all prevention and control requirements, advocating and practicing changing customs, and refrain from organizing or participating in gathering activities.Sixth, strengthen publicity and guidance.Dig out advanced examples of changing customs and epidemic prevention and control, and publicize and report typical stories from multiple angles.Make full use of civilized practice radio station, wechat public number, electronic screen and other platform carriers, actively carry out “Longxiaofei” epidemic prevention, civilized dining table, civilized countryside and other public service advertising, popularize epidemic prevention and health knowledge.We will actively resist false information online, resolutely refrain from spreading, believing or spreading rumors, and actively spread the positive energy of epidemic prevention and control.Knowledge of epidemic prevention and control is widely known.Zhangxian New Era Civilization Practice Center Zhangxian Civil Affairs Bureau