City bonsai association president walked into the village with love

2022-06-22 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Fuyang Bonsai Association president Yue Zifu, Secretary General Zhang Kelong, vice President Zhu Haotian, office director Zhang Liying, deputy director Xiao Peng and their group took thousands of yuan worth of rice and cooking oil to visit the lonely old people in Tongzhuang Village, Yuanzhai Town, Yingdong District, and sent them New Year’s greetings in advance.On behalf of the two committees of the village, Zhu Chuanxi, secretary of the Party Branch of Tongzhuang Village in Yuanzhai Town, Yingdong District, thanked the sympathy group of the city bonsai Association for its kindness.In the lonely old man’s home, President Yue Zifu and the old man talked about their daily life, inquired about the old man’s physical condition, especially told the old man to take care of his health and welcome the New Year with a positive and optimistic attitude.Yue Zifu, president of the Association, said that although the materials were not much, the elderly people felt the warmth of the big family. He also hoped that more caring enterprises and caring people in the society could participate in caring for the vulnerable groups.