On the subway, I was treated like a pervert by a beautiful woman, and then she wanted me to pretend to be her boyfriend

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At 9 o ‘clock in the evening, I stood on the subway confused, suddenly, a burst of pain on the feet, then a beauty to apologize to me, I want to say that it doesn’t matter, but I froze!This beauty facial expression is pale, weak be about to faint, did not think of the beauty to me when sex maniac!She instantly startled face ruthlessly stared at me and turned around. What happened at the end of the section made me unexpected!I am ah Wei, 32 years old, born in the countryside, after graduating from the university through the classmate’s introduction I went to Beijing to do a trade company salesman, this job often travel around the country to run!We are determined by the performance of the salary, because my family is not good, parents, father and mother are dependent on me to take care of, so I cherish the present opportunity!Ten years of professional work and now a monthly salary of ten thousand.Every month, I transfer half of my salary to my parents, so I basically live paycheck to paycheck. I have not had a serious girlfriend, and I have been on several dates in the past two years, but nothing happened. Recently, my company offered me an opportunity for promotion and salary increase.So I didn’t go on business trip recently, and worked overtime until 9 o ‘clock every day.Last night, I was out of the company at 9 o ‘clock, ran for 20 minutes to the subway station, and then, with the crowd clocked on the bus, today the car passengers are particularly many, the corridor is full of people, crowded I have a little sleepy confused, suddenly, a pain on the foot, I instantly woke up, it was a beauty accidentally stepped on my foot.She hurriedly said: sorry I am not intentional, I just want to say that it doesn’t matter, the result was stunned!The beauty looks pale and looks very sick.As if to faint of appearance, beauty tardy wait not to be able to my answer, her instant change face ruthlessly stare me one eye to turn a body to go.I was so embarrassed!Dark hate oneself have no promise!Meddlesome let somebody else treat you as a sex maniac!I calm the mood and then confused, these days can put me tired out, do not know whether there is a chance to promotion, after all, I am also the company’s old staff!I was doing the dream of a promotion and pay rise, the beauty suddenly fell in my arms, I instantly scared, I thought she could not really faint!Hence, I patted her shoulder to say: “beauty you don’t frighten me!Turns out she really fainted!I hurriedly embrace her shout loudly, everybody help me a favour, this beauty was crowded faint!Passengers all look to me here, and then all kinds of chatter in succession to leave a road, I embrace the beauty to the door, subway station I rushed down, quickly sent her to the nearest hospital emergency room, and then squatted at the door, an hour later the door of the emergency room finally opened!The doctor came out.He said to me: young man, this girl originally has the trouble of bottom blood sugar, plus the air does not circulate to lead to her faint past, fortunately you send timely, otherwise, the consequence dare not imagine, mainly or she reduce weight make, this girl say oneself reduce weight a few days all have no how to eat!You also stop leng, hurry to pay her medical bills!She’s awake. Take her home when the i.V. is over!I’m so angry!This beautiful woman is not fat. Why should she lose weight?It’s not that I’m tired, it’s that I’m scared!Now I have to pay the medical fee in advance, which she has to reimburse for me. Later, I paid 2,000 yuan and took the bill to the emergency room to find a beauty for reimbursement, while she was talking on the phone while crying.I can’t help it!She immediately added my wechat account and transferred 2000 yuan to me. Then, she stared at me for a while and said, “My name is Ying, thank you for sending me to the hospital. Could you help me again?I’ll pay you for it.I’m tempted by the reward. After all, I’m short of money.But I looked at a-Ying’s face with tears, thinking that she must have met with something difficult. I am a man at least.Isn’t it proper to help a weak woman?So I said: CAN help I will certainly help you, the reward does not mention!Aying immediately dried his tears and straightened his clothes. “You sit down and do nothing,” he said. “I am completely bewildered by her movements.About 30 minutes later, a man in his 30s rushed into the emergency room. He saw A-Ying and said anxiously, “A-Ying, are you all right?I am too busy to call you these days. Oh, by the way, I have already arranged it. Let’s ask grandpa to pick a wedding date.The man said this and sat down on the bed.She looked at the man and said, “Let’s break up!”The man suddenly froze!He asked A-Ying why?A Ying pointed her finger at me and said, “This is my new boyfriend. The man suddenly stood up and looked at me, and then slammed the door with a black face. As if she had removed the package, A Ying sighed and looked at me with a smile.I said to her: What’s wrong with you!Ingrid said with a sigh, he and I are ready to get married five years, a week ago, my boyfriend promotion transferred to provincial vice President, he wants me to quit work together with him where to get married, but since I was young my parents have died, and I was raised is grandpa, I just rely on him, how can in order to get married whether he?I hope to be a weekend couple after marriage, but my boyfriend said nothing. He had agreed to live in our house and take care of grandpa with me before. How could he change now?These days I am very uncomfortable and can not eat, since loyalty and filial piety can not be both, then I completely give up her boyfriend!I listened and said, “Congratulations, you made a wise choice. It also shows that your boyfriend is a selfish man.You should be happy to see him for what he really is before he’s married, just as I’m getting ready to leave.A Ying suddenly stood up and pulled: My grandpa is going to be 80 years old. I promised to bring my boyfriend home, but now I broke up with him. Grandpa will be disappointed again.I don’t want to let grandpa down again!Can you help me?I was stunned!Do people say yes to Ying?Thank you for sharing. I can see that you are a kind man. After all, this is also fulfilling a Ying’s filial piety.For grandpa to decisively give up her boyfriend of three years, please act as her boyfriend, let his grandpa happy 80-year-old birthday, after all, you saved a Ying’s life, help people to the end!I suggest you do not hesitate, and cherish the fate of a ying!