Reporter: have a part of fan intelligence quotient really low, give li Tie to apologize stupid thing all stem to come out

2022-06-22 0 By

After China lost 3-1 to Vietnam, some fans apologized on Li Tie’s Micro blog, which naturally attracted the attention of many media and journalists in the soccer world.Some reporters expressed their disgust for the fans’ behavior, saying that their intelligence quotient was really low and they could do such stupid things as apologizing to Li Tie.Reporter Zhao Zhen said that after the game there were a lot of voices about The discussion of Chinese football, hear this voice think there is hope for Chinese football, but some voices to apologize to Li Tie, this is very stupid, soshuai class, did not see Manchester United fans to jose Mourinho, van Gaal to apologize.Moreover, in fact, the National football Team did not get the best results under the leadership of Li Tie. In addition, it was reported that Li Tie was involved in public interests when he was teaching the National football Team. Although the rumor has not been confirmed, the superior has not checked and denied the rumor.Did these fans who went to apologize to Li Tie forget?But there are fans analysis these stupid fans may also give li3 tie3 apology is used to support the group of li3 tie3, was on the forefront in li3 tie3 there are those who are backed li3 tie3, but at the same time the fans also got other fans, this time they finally seized the opportunity once again to support li3 tie3, want to be back.Zhao zhen said Chinese football is currently poor, but the IQ of some Chinese fans also needs to be improved.At present, there are still a lot of people who pay attention to Chinese football. I also hope that Chinese football will not disappoint fans any more.(the way)