The ice and snow festival witnessed the integration of Olympic spirit and Chinese elements

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Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said at a regular press conference that the Opening of the Winter Olympics will coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year. “I believe the winter Olympics will once again witness the integration of the Olympic spirit and Chinese elements,” he said.During a visit to Beijing, a reporter from Rule of Law Daily noticed that traditional Chinese elements can be seen everywhere, whether it is the “Ice Ribbon” and “Snow Flying Sky” of the Winter Olympics venues, the “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” of the Winter Olympics mascots, or the “Little Red People”, the sports icon of the Beijing Winter Olympics Park.Accepting a reporter to interview the experts think that Beijing is “double the city”, how to let the world athletes feel to host the winter games in China is unique, unique Chinese elements are essential, we show the Chinese elements through the design of modern language, is China’s self-confidence to express cultural connotation, and the integration of the Olympic spirit.On January 31, the lunar New Year’s Eve, strong winds of four or five levels blew the sky blue in Beijing.In the morning, reporters rushed to the northwest corner of the Olympic Forest Park, where is located the National Speed Skating Hall, one of the landmark buildings of the Beijing Winter Olympics, also known as the “ice ribbon”.Police and staff are on duty outside the gate of the National Speed Skating Stadium. Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, journalists are not allowed to have close contact with the Winter Olympics venues.Visible from the roadside, the exterior is surrounded by 22 crystal “ribbon” curved glass walls.Data shows that the National Speed Skating Hall has the largest all-ice design in Asia, covering an area of 12,000 square meters. During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the “ice ribbon” will be the speed skating competition venue. When athletes slide on the high-speed ice track, the track will be like a ribbon.Subsequently, the reporter rushed to shougang Park located in Beijing Shijingshan District, Shougang ski jump platform is located in the southwest corner of shougang Park.As the chief designer of Shougang Ski big jump, Zhang Li, dean of the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, said that the ski big jump movement from help to take off, roll and land, what kind of Chinese cultural element symbols are used to represent the dynamic curve behind these movements?Big Air, as it’s called in English, is the sport of maximum leap in the Air, and the Chinese leap in the Air.Oriental paintings express the traces of moving human body through the track of clothes, so the ribbon of Dunhuang Apsaras is the best carrier to express the dynamic curve of this sport.In addition, there are “snow flying swallows”, “snow dragon” and “snow ruyi” in the venues of the Winter Olympics, which are all extracted from the image elements of traditional Chinese culture.Wu Yixia, general manager of China Construction Culture and Tourism Development Co., LTD., served as the deputy chief designer of the Planning and design of Beijing Summer Olympic Forest Park and is also an expert in the field of engineering construction of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.She told reporters that many of Beijing’s design concepts for the Summer Olympics were designed to reflect Chinese culture.For example, the Olympic Forest Park is located on the central axis of Beijing, which is unique in the world. The idea of Olympic Forest Park is “the axis leading to nature”, and the concept of Chinese garden design is deeply integrated into it.In Wu Yixia’s opinion, the winter Olympics venue is a combination of modern architectural technology and Chinese elements, which is a very good idea. When athletes from all countries are in it, they will be interested in the novel Chinese elements. When we introduce Chinese elements to them, we bring Chinese stories like “Ruyi” and “Flying aprons” to the world.To meet the needs of mass movement shougang park west next to the Yongding River, has been built into the Beijing Winter Olympics Park.Reporters swept health treasure into the Beijing Winter Olympics Park Lianshi Lake area, the eye is both carved on a whole stone “Beijing Winter Olympics Park” six golden characters, standing next to a winter Olympics torch sculpture, torch shape from bottom to bottom from the auspicious cloud pattern transition to snowflake pattern.A red sports icon stands every few meters outside, mainly in the form of seal cutting art, reflecting the feeling of easy and jumping movement.At this time, there is a middle-aged lady holding a mobile phone to the sports icon for shooting.”Together for the future,” read the slogan hanging from lampposts in the park.It was Wu Yixia who led the team that completed the concept plan of Beijing Winter Olympic Park.Located in one of the three major cultural belts in Beijing, namely the Yongding River Cultural belt in Xishan, Wu Yixia has been leading a team to provide planning and design services in Shijingshan District.As the engineering construction field experts of the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, Wu Yixia lead the team through the research, put forward the past urban abandoned industrial land, facilities, such as the reconstruction using, restore a ecological city, as a new city marathon, become an important part of the Beijing games park.This idea has been highly valued and recognized by Beijing Shijingshan District Committee and district government, and has been successfully implemented in the construction phase of Beijing Winter Olympic Park.Wu Yixia says, has been built for the Beijing games is the Olympic park culture and Chinese elements blend of a typical case, including shougang industrial culture heritage, Beijing yongding river, the mother river of culture, such as xishan road culture, they melt into the park, carrying people’s need for sports, for a better life yearning, fit the modern Olympic spirit,That everyone should have the opportunity to play sports.In October 2021, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee released the design of the MEDALS for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The medal consists of a circle and a center to form a card body, the image of the ancient Chinese concentric round jade, with five rings.The five rings are of the same mind, which expresses the Chinese cultural connotation of “heaven and earth are united and people are united”. It also symbolizes the Olympic spirit that brings people from all over the world together to share the glory of the Winter Olympics.The center of the front side of the medal is engraved with the Olympic five rings, and around it is engraved with the Full English name of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.Ring do depression processing, take the meaning of the traditional string jade, above the shallow decorative pattern, are from the traditional Chinese pattern.Among them, ice and snow patterns show the characteristics of the Winter Olympics, and auspicious cloud patterns convey the meaning of auspiciousness.On the back of the medal circle engraved with 24 points and movement arc, meaning ancient astronomical map, a symbol of the vast expanse of starry sky, harmony between man and nature, but also a symbol of the 24th Winter Olympic Games athletes like stars, writing wonderful chapters.”In ancient China, jade bi was used to pray for good luck. Concentric round jade bi also symbolizes our communication with heaven and earth, praying for peace and unity of mankind.”Wu yixia said.In the streets of Beijing, you can also see the Beijing Winter Olympics emblem “Winter Dream”, inspired by the Chinese character “winter”, using the artistic form of Chinese calligraphy.There is also the mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen”, based on the prototype of the national treasure panda design and creation;The mascot “Xue Rong Rong” is designed and created based on the prototype of Chinese lanterns.Chen Shaofeng, professor of philosophy at Peking University and deputy director of the Institute of Cultural Industry, told the reporters that the Beijing Winter Olympics will use many Chinese cultural elements to help the international community use the platform to better understand Chinese culture.For example, Chen shaofeng said, jade is one of the core elements of Traditional Chinese culture, and snow and jade tend to be integrated, the combination of the two is very creative.In addition, these Chinese elements fit well with the various aspects of the Winter Olympics, which is also a good way for the world to experience.”Both the MEDALS and the buildings demonstrate that the cultural expression of the Beijing Winter Olympics is more inclusive, diverse and confident, reflecting the atmosphere of a major country and its time-honored history and culture.”‘In addition, Chinese culture is unique and modern, especially with the help of modern design, and has the ability to be passed down from generation to generation,’ Mr. Wu said. ‘This is also the message the Beijing Winter Olympics is sending to the world.’