The traditional round yuanxiao tastes sweet and sweet

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Consumers line up to buy yuanxiao.The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month.In recent days, reporters in the provincial capital of Taiyuan visit found that whether it is in the streets, or large supermarkets, selling yuanxiao stalls are gathered in front of enthusiastic purchasing citizens.These days, the old Rat Cave lantern Shop in bell Tower Street is bursting with popularity.At 9 o ‘clock on The morning of February 8, the reporter saw at the scene that there were already hundreds of people queuing to buy yuanxiao.”Many people buy yuanxiao during the Chinese New Year holiday,” said Wang Meijuan, manager of the store. “With the Lantern Festival approaching, customers are queuing up before the store opens in the morning.”At noon on February 10, the reporter in the small store area people’s Road “old han Yuanxiao” sales point to see, to buy yuanxiao in an endless stream of citizens.The production workshop of handmade yuanxiao is in full swing: soaking rice, leeping rice, grinding flour, adding stuffing, rolling system, sub-packing transportation……Dozens of workers are busy making yuanxiao in an orderly fashion.On the eve of the Lantern Festival, thousands of kilograms of yuanxiao are made every day, with nearly 50 people involved in making and selling them, according to the salesman.Jia Zhigang, the fourth generation inheritor of laohan Yuanxiao, told reporters: “In the past, people came from Hexi and Beicheng by bus just to buy a bag of yuanxiao.Now there are more private cars, everyone drives their cars, not only to eat by themselves, many people also carry several gift boxes to send to relatives and friends.”The Lantern Festival would not be complete without yuanxiao. Every year, we buy local yuanxiao to eat, just for this one bite.Yuanxiao, which is round and sweet, also symbolizes reunion and sweetness.”Wen said as she waited in line.Different from tangyuan in the south, yuanxiao, taiyuan’s own, is “rolled” and sold on the spot to ensure taste.It is understood that the shop “old Han Yuanxiao” and “rat cave Yuanxiao”, Jinci “Osmanthus Yuanxiao” taiyuan is hot hot three old brand yuanxiao brand.Although each traditional Lantern Festival has its own unique skills in making it, the repeated rolling process is basically similar.Besides the traditional flavor of yuanxiao, customers like it because its quality is more guaranteed and the taste is more authentic.Jia Zhigang told reporters: “Authentic materials and original taste are not only a guarantee for customers, but also a kind of inheritance of tradition.We will make each yuanxiao a warm memory for taiyuan people.”Black sesame, assorted, peanuts, fruit, taro…Dumplings of various brands have been filled with freezers in supermarkets, and a variety of flavors meet the purchase needs of different consumer groups.In terms of price, most bags of dumplings weigh 500g and range from 6.90 yuan to 18.90 yuan, while those with chocolate, blueberry, durian and other flavors sell at a slightly higher price of more than 20 yuan.However, in terms of sales, traditional flavors such as black sesame and peanut are still consumers’ favorite.According to previous practices, Lantern Festival sales peak on the 13th and 14th day of the first lunar month.Reporter Ren Huijun (Editor: Liu Yang, Candy)