Will replace quality water 20 million cubic meters of Yiwu urban area “one ring” within the formation of quality water supply closed loop

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Recently, in Yiwu north road and xicheng road intersection, workers are xicheng road sub-quality water supply pipeline project director connected to do the final finishing work.This means that a closed-loop of water supply with different quality is formed within the urban “one ring”, and the areas within the loop have different water supply conditions.”The pipeline project is 15 kilometers long, and the circular water supply can effectively ensure the stability of urban water supply. It is estimated that 20 million cubic meters of high-quality water can be replaced, equivalent to replacing half of the badu reservoir of high-quality drinking water resources.”Second water company project manager Fang Anguo introduced, Xicheng Road (City West river – city river, Bin Wang Road – north city Road) quality water supply pipeline project budget investment of 8.27 million yuan, a starting point for the City west river, the end point for the city river;The other section starts at Binwang Road and ends at Chengbei Road.The total length of the main pipeline is about 3.2km, and after the completion of laying, it will connect with the completed water supply pipeline of West Xiuhu Road, forming a 13-km circular water supply network of jiangbin Road, Chouzhou Road, Xiangshan Road, Xicheng Road, Chengbei Road, Chengzhong North Road and Chemical Industry Road.In 2021, 155 water supply projects of different quality will be implemented in the whole region, and 64 projects will be implemented in 2022. Up to now, Yiwu Water Group has built three reclaimed water plants, namely Choujiang Industrial Water Plant, Yijiashan Ecological Water Plant and Sufu Water Plant, with a daily water supply capacity of 75,000 tons.In the area covered by the pipe network, three specialized markets, four parks, five hospitals, eight schools, 15 residential communities, 33 enterprises and municipal governments have basically realized water supply with different quality, and the number of residents with different quality water supply exceeds 9,800.This year, the quality water supply work has been included in one of the ten key work of Yiwu Water Group. Throughout the year, 64 quality water supply projects have been planned and implemented, and the quality water pipe network has been continuously extended. At the same time, the quality water quality has been improved through technical transformation, so as to better serve water enterprises and residents and replace more high-quality water resources.(According to Jinhua Daily, the original title “Will replace 20 million cubic meters of quality water in Yiwu Urban Area” to form a closed loop of water supply by quality “, the original author: Sun Danling.Duty editor: Shen Chao, duty chief editor: Yang Zhenhua.)Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com