Xi ‘an residents bought tickets for that night’s performance at maoyan to find the theater was not open

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I bought tickets for the concert that night in Cat’s Eye, and when I got to the theater, I found it was not open.On March 26th, Mr. Lu, a citizen of Xi ‘an, bought a double ticket on Maoyan for the performance at 8:30 p.m. at xi ‘an station of the 2022 National tour of Zhang Cheng & Erbanmu Music group “Guide to Drinking in The World”. The venue is The West Performance SPACE- The Circle of Light CLUB- Dahua 1935. He placed an order at 2:52 p.m. and paid successfully at 2:55 p.m. with 160 YUAN.I was happy to go to a concert, but when I arrived, it was dark. The theater was closed and there was no performance.I asked the security guard at the gate and said he hasn’t opened the door since the outbreak.”Lu took a video of the scene and then prepared to refund the ticket. However, he did not find an option to refund the ticket, nor did he see the relevant instructions.From the evening of The 26th, Lu called maoyan customer service for many times, but “I could not reach the human customer service, I could not complain, and I could not reach the platform.”Lu said that the cancellation should have been confirmed in advance, and that tickets for that night’s performance were still being sold on the afternoon of 26. “It was a total ordeal.”On March 27, a reporter from Huashang Daily searched maoyan for the venue “Dahua 1935” and found that from 2020 to May this year, a total of five performances were postponed, and there was no Xi ‘an leg of the 2022 national tour of Zhang Cheng & Erfanmu’s “Guide to Drinking in The World”.Search “Zhang Cheng”, you can see the information of the national group performance, chongqing, Degrees, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Harbin are all on the ticket, The performance of Suzhou Station is on March 18, indicating that the performance is postponed, but there is no information related to Xi ‘an Station.On the wechat official account of Dahua 1935 Theater, there was a preview of performances in March on March 3, including the Xi ‘an leg of the 2022 national tour of Zhang Cheng & Erfanmu band “Guide to Drinking in The World” on The evening of March 26.There was no information about the performance in the subsequent postponement and cancellation announcements.On the afternoon of 27th, the reporter called maoyan customer service hotline 10105335, and after selecting the issue of ticket refund, the voice said that the performance tickets are unique, time-sensitive and other special attributes, such as non-event change, cancellation or ticket error, the service will not be provided, please carefully check the purchase of tickets.After the reporter consulted the issue of ticket refund again, the voice informed him that the tickets for the performance were securities, not ordinary commodities, and the cultural services carried behind them were time-efficient and unique, and no return or exchange was supported after successful purchase.Later, the reporter contacted Dahua 1935 Theater, staff said, Zhang Cheng & Erfanmo band “guide to Drinking in the World” 2022 national tour xi ‘an station, the night of 26 did not take place, “because of the epidemic in Xi ‘an, this show has been postponed, the platform did not indicate the delay is because now do not know when to perform.The staff member said that if the ticket is purchased on Maoyan, the maoyan platform will actively contact the ticket buyer when the follow-up information is confirmed. At present, the ticket refund stage has not entered, because they are not sure whether they can perform and when they will perform. “The customer service of the platform can contact you within a week, because they will not work on weekends.”Hua Shang Bao reporter she Xin source: Hua Shang net – Hua Shang Bao related hot word search: Xi ‘an show tickets