Yongding district three pavilion township held grassroots party (general) branch secretary on the job review meeting

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Rednet moment Zhangjiajie February 18 news (correspondent Yang Minyi Li Chan) February 18 afternoon, Yongding district three pavilion township held a grass-roots party (general) branch secretary to the township Party committee review meeting, township leadership, 11 village party (general) branch secretary to attend the meeting.Conference, longjiang read the three special 40-yuan township townships 2021 “double above double review” work plan, and made a specific emphasis on review requirements, villages party (total) were 2021 grasp basic party branch secretary major achievements, bright spot, deficiencies and in turn to the township, the working train of thought of the scene in 2022,Tuo Ying, secretary of the Party Committee of The Township, after listening to the statement, combined with the actual situation of the statement, made detailed comments one by one, both confirmed the work effect, and pointed out the deficiencies, and made clear the rectification requirements and the direction of future efforts.After the debriefing, the township leadership group respectively to each party organization secretary to fulfill the responsibility of grassroots party building debriefing assessment.The meeting stressed that the review meeting is not a formality, going through the motions, the party branch secretaries should take this as a new starting point, one hundred feet ahead.Finally, Township Party Secretary Tuo Ying put forward the development idea of “Party building leading 123” activity, which is embodied as follows: First, carry out the activity of “Party building leading making up a short board” to consolidate the foundation of party building work.We will strengthen education and training of Party affairs workers, strengthen the principle of “one post and two responsibilities”, and strengthen efforts to promote community-level Party building.Second, we carried out the campaign of “Guiding and Promoting Party Building” to improve the quality of our cadres.Special campaigns have been launched to educate officials on clean government and diligent conduct and to educate them on all things for the people. Efforts have been made to build a contingent of community-level officials who are politically hardened, competent, highly qualified and professional.Third, we carried out the campaign to strengthen the three major industries under the guidance of Party building to boost rural revitalization.Focus on developing the three pillar industries of berry tea, oil tea and tobacco leaf: build high-quality demonstration and transform into a tea tourism ecological park integrating production, education and research;Consolidate the existing camellia oleifera base, increase the optimization of nurturing investment, to achieve increased production and income;We will revitalize tobacco leaf production in large townships, work hard to improve the quality of tobacco leaves, and achieve a “double increase” in government finance, taxation and tobacco farmers’ income.