Can eating garlic affect liver function?Doctor: If you want to nourish the liver, try not to touch these two kinds of food

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The liver is a very important digestive organ in the human body, known as the second headquarters of the human body. Normal liver operation can bring enough vitality to the human body.The normal secretion of white blood cells in the human body, it is can help the body repair of cytokines in the body, so as to enhance immunity activity, right amount edible garlic is a detoxification effect, when the body endotoxin accumulation in gastrointestinal and liver part in great quantities, is effective enough to toxins out of the body mentioned food has become a very recognition of our garlic, a row poison food, a lot of people at the time of cooking,You put a little bit of garlic in there to enhance the flavor, but also to sterilize the bacteria, and according to some rumors, eating garlic can affect liver function, right?Doctor:Want to nourishing the liver, these 3 kinds of food to try not to touch a, eating garlic can affect liver function? The allicin in garlic, vitamin PP, and vitamin B12, etc are all can effectively improve the cell vitality of heart head blood-vessel, plan to have rich in fat-soluble antioxidants, sun elements, the composition such as zinc, has the very good prevention effect to the hardening of the arteries,Under a certain degree, can alleviate the liver for some food intake of toxins, and some harmful substances to disinfect the function from the medical point of view, garlic is made up of large amounts of allicin, which is rich in vitamin ingredient, for people with something strong and liver problems, proper eating garlic can adjust the body,Something strong and liver disease etc, these 3 kinds of food don’t touch 1, leek contains rich vitamin and crude fiber, the human body needs to be able to effectively help the bowels in the body of waste and toxins, have some effect to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, for people with cardiovascular or heart disease, moderate intake of Chinese chives can achieve,Timely supplementation of vitamins and dietary fiber plays a key role, but also can reduce the intake and absorption of cholesterol in the human body cells and tissues. But usually for people suffering from liver disease and liver fire, it is not suitable to eat leek, because of course it is too luxurious, once it will not achieve nourishing the body effect,But also the serious burden of aggravating liver 2, moldy vegetable vegetable plant nutrition and dietary fiber is very rich, eat the rest of the vegetables is the body of toxins can be timely eduction body outside, but at the same time also have certain requirements for vegetable storage, when the temperature is too high, vegetables can lead to mold, and so on and so forth, and a lot of leaves and buds appear mildew prevent mass,Rotting snake, often contains the yellow aspergillus toxin of vegetables here, plain black nightshade alkali toxin, also be the who called the top carcinogen, often eat can affect the body’s organs liver metabolism, induce some degree of pathological changes of liver cell 3, overnight in the vegetables, for people with liver disease or intestinal disease,Eat some fresh vegetables can effectively supplement vitamin and all kinds of nutrient intake, and can effectively improve liver detoxification, the activity of organs play a key role for overnight is don’t eat vegetables, because the overnight food is produce aflatoxins and nitrite, for itself, people with liver disease, excessive intake of this kind of vegetables,The pathological changes that can accentuate liver disease and tumor are generated, for the crowd with bad liver so, overnight vegetable is not eat how to judge liver to have a problem?1, frequent toilet for a healthy person, the number of times to go to the toilet is a certain standard, and there are often a lot of people do not pay attention to the usual diet and excessive drug use, to lead to cirrhosis of the liver alcohol liver situation.This will happen some liver lesions in the liver itself can secrete a large number of bile and would dilute the blood, stem cells can also occur lesions, so just of bile and oxygen content can reduce slowly, can cause indigestion caused not defecate unobstructed, he has no desire to eat, often have loose bowels, and so on and so forth, if found himself often go to the toilet,And abnormal body, will go to the hospital for a check in time, avoid some serious consequences 2, sleepiness, drowsiness is one of the main symptoms, the liver problems that is within the liver secretion a cholinesterase of material, if once stem cells change, cholinesterase would be reduced, causing some lethargy,Weak and nervous system symptoms such as 3, single single also is a major cause of liver disease, liver as the biggest metabolism in parts of the body, with transport blood, to discharge toxins play a key role in body, for the same in all kinds of tissue and organ in the body is a bit a connection, liver damage, each function of the body has a connection,Due to liver problems, the toxin in the body can not be discharged adequately, which will lead to a large amount of toxin accumulation in the body, which will precipitate on the face, and finally make the eyes appear yellow. If this happens, please go to the hospital for examination in time, so as to maintain the health of the liver. Conclusion:Although garlic has a very great role in our life, but also to vary from person to person, according to everyone’s constitution, the right amount of garlic can achieve detoxification and other effects, if some people with abnormal liver function, to reduce the intake of garlic