Go to wuhan flower village tea valley, admire the plum wing chun, gather together the sixth New Year plum blossom poetry

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Morning of February 19, wuhan Huang Bei by huaxiang tea valley breeze scenic jollification, the sixth “niu poetry festival, the plum blossom in the new words” dawned, frequently attracted many famous poets, writers and so on inside and outside culture from hubei province famous attention and response, collecting poems, only a few days will receive nearly 50 first original poetry, the scene everyone singing and dancing, poetry, fuPainting, painting and tea art performances add a touch of bright color to the picturesque tea valley.Members of the standing Committee of Wuhan Huangpi District Committee, leaders of the publicity Department, hubei Writers’ Association and leaders of the scenic spot attended and gave speeches. They gathered together and sang poems of spring. Although the snow and rain had just dispersed and it was freezing outside, the indoor poem was warm as spring.Huangpi district wuhan city by huaxiang tea valley held every year “niu poetry festival”, including “plum blossom words” words “spring” words “Mid-Autumn festival” and other series of cultural activities, with original poetry chanting, poetry, classical poetry and the outstanding artist creation exchange salon, poetry appreciation, and other forms of rich and colorful, inheritance of Chinese culture and aesthetics,Highlight the style of The Times, local characteristics and humanistic character, prosperity of local literary and artistic creation, show the charm of good mountain and water and good Huangpi culture, promote the integrated development of culture and tourism, get widespread praise from the society, become a well-known characteristic brand in the cultural and tourism industry in the provinces and cities.Poetry, because the scenery, gorgeous;The landscape, with its poetry, shines.Take flower as the medium, gather together with poetry, flower township tea valley, “plum” just opened, more poetic, more wonderful, only for the world guests to taste.Huaxiang Tea Valley is one of the ten plum appreciation spots recommended by Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. With the arrival of spring, more than 100,000 plum trees in the scenic area, such as palace powder, rouge, jade butterfly, green calyx, cinar, and light water, are in full bloom, making it a good place for spring outing.