Hilton, 38, is out with her baby, hermes is out with her daughter’s backpack and Her mother says Rothschild will welcome a boy

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Celebrity socialite Nicky Hilton and her two daughters hit the streets of New York on April 9.The Hilton heiress was just as busy as any other mother.She was pulling one and pushing another, with another in her belly.Nicky Hilton, 38, opted for a more casual and minimalist look than she usually does.Because that day she is not the leading role, the two princesses are the leading role, then shining mother in front of the children, have to become a nanny.It’s still chilly in New York, so pregnant Nicky Hilton wears a black wool wool coat to keep warm and hide her bump.The lower part of the body chose tight pants, matched with a pair of sneakers, fast running four can also show the ankle, the foreigner’s body is good.You can see that even though miss 2 is pregnant, her calves are slim enough to fit into leggings.Swollen limbs during pregnancy, for some reason, don’t seem to happen to celebrities.Nicky Hilton has two daughters, Lily-Grace Victoria, 5, and Theodora “Teddy” Marilyn, 4, with husband James Rothschild.The two little princesses, one walking alone, the other being pushed in a wheelbarrow, happily eating ice cream.In fact, Teddy is already four years old and can walk on his own. I don’t know if it is because the mother can’t control the two children running freely, so he chose to take one and push the other.Nicky was wearing two pink satchels and her black Hermes Birkin had been squeezed out of the spotlight, losing her celebrity glamour to the satchel.Nicky Hilton is no stranger to the camera and spotlight, and her New York sister is not to be outdone.Inadvertently with the Hilton group heir frame, of course, to be happy than a yeah, the mirror sense super appearance level is also very high, there are netizens ask that is really passers-by?When it comes to family and career, Nicky once told an interviewer, “Don’t let your kids run your life completely, try to find balance,” and Hilton also noted that she wants her daughters to see her invest time and energy in her career.”Whenever I go on business trips, I feel guilty about leaving my kids, and I think it sets a good example for them to commit to doing what they love,” she says.Although Hilton covered up her bump for the day, the baby has kept the media and Internet riveted.The baby is thought to be the hope of the financial empire of the Rothschilds.Nicky’s attempt to have three children as an elderly mother was intended to add a male heir to the Rothschild family.At the top of the financial empire, such as the Rothschilds, there is still the most decadent belief that the male offspring is the nucleus of the family.In other words, Nikki’s two daughters were excluded from the succession, so she had to have a male.She didn’t want me to find out medically. It was the biggest surprise of life. Don’t reveal it in advance.”But Nicky Hilton’s parents Kathy and Richard Hilton have told reporters their daughter is expecting a boy.No further details were given as to whether it was blind confidence in her daughter or whether she already knew the baby’s sex through medical treatment.Nicky Hilton has long been considered one of the good girls of the Hilton family, after all, she’s pushing 40 and trying for a third child to carry on the family glory.Her sister Paris Hilton, on the other hand, has been immersed in relationships and breakups for decades.She finally tied the knot with her 23rd boyfriend, Carter Reum, late last year.Compared with younger sister, older sister seems to have less burden from family.