In desperation, thousands of two old hands to save Xiao Yan!

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Hello everyone, welcome to Dake Comic book, I am the author dake, take you into the world of comic book.I have a new story for you today called “Fight through the Sky.”Stay tuned!We all know that rest in peace is a Chinese word meaning to rest peacefully, to rest quietly — an expression of mourning for the dead martyrs, rest in peace!Words do not say, the text is as follows: Xiao Yan silently thought: sorry, xun son, I want to break an appointment!I’m sorry, Doctor Fairy, BUT I can’t do what I promised!Sorry, everybody!See xiao yan open an eye: huh?I didn’t die?How am I not dead?People around cheered: It’s over, it’s over!No need to die!Long live!Xiao Yan happy of say: Su Thousand elder, willow elder, I did!The original is thousand two old men saved Xiao Yan!The second man said: next, give it to us!Ground demon old ghost disdain of say: trifling space concealment law, however teach a fish to swim!The strong!Thousands of wood!It’s you again!Well, that’s the end of today’s cartoon. See you next time!Want to know more wonderful content, will pay attention to big can cartoon weak when forcibly take Dan medicine Xiao Yan!Xiao Yan erupts!