Top student in the college entrance examination: looking back on the review process of high school, what is the effective review method

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When I got the bright red admission notice of Tsinghua University that moment, in the heart of all kinds of mixed feelings, there is the excitement of dream come true, there is the burden of landing comfortable, also have nothing to meet.Looking back on the course of high school review, feeling quite a lot, small summary here, I hope to be beneficial to readers.In your senior year, did you have a sudden tension, a sudden sense of urgency?Indeed, blink of an eye, the cruelty of the college entrance examination is in front of.How to review, what to review, must make everyone headache unceasingly.In fact, the review of three years as long as the teaching process, the use of three or four rounds of review, pay attention to a bit of systematic and regular is enough.After all, this kind of review has been practiced by so many students for so many years that it has been proven to be effective.The first round of review is generally the knowledge summary by the chapter, it is the kind of period that belongs to check the leak.The learning purpose of this period is to sort out the knowledge network of the whole senior three.Then, you need to read the textbook to check that you have mastered the basics.The current college entrance examination has a high requirement for the foundation. From the test instructions, we can see that only 30% of the problems in the college entrance examination are difficult.And in recent years, the difficulty of the college entrance examination has declined.Although the “3+X” college entrance examination now advocates “ability training”, aren’t those based on basic knowledge?Would it not be a strategic failure to ignore the basic questions, which account for 70 percent of the gaokao, and pursue the difficult 30 percent, which is highly likely to fail?Second, it takes a lot of practice.The foundation of the college entrance examination determines that to a large extent it is to test the proficiency of the examinee on the subject.In math, for example, it takes 120 minutes for 22 questions, forcing you to choose to fill in the blanks for 2 and a half minutes, 10 minutes for calculation questions, forcing you to do every question as soon as you see it, forcing you to practice a lot before the test to get familiar with each question type.In the first round of revision, you will have to fill in your weak questions.In math, physics, chemistry and biology, you must each write at least one book and figure it all out.Students who want to score more than 90% have to add a book, and English and Chinese should improve their ability in the accumulation of the first two years of high school, but in order to take the test, English grammar and words you have to review at this stage.As for Chinese, on the one hand, it is to read ancient texts, appreciate poems and memorize famous articles. On the other hand, it is necessary to carry out single-choice training in the multiple-choice questions, such as pronunciation, wrong words, vocabulary, idioms and sick sentences.For your weak subject, you also have to double investment time, for example, your math trigonometric function is poor, so, you can buy a “38 sets “, the trigonometric function inside all done.You can cut back on your strengths.In short, at the end of this phase, your knowledge network must not be defective.The second round of review is a summary of the knowledge in each chapter.Chapter in the comprehensive exercise, each subject at least to do comprehensive exercise in addition to a set of regular exercises also have to add the amount.Math 2 sets per week;Chinese 1 set per week;English 2 sets a week, and I have to do two readings and one cloze every day.1 set per week for physics, chemistry and biology;Comprehensive week 1 set, questions in April, May around the best.The reason to do it regularly is to simulate the test environment and give yourself a sense of urgency to see how much you can actually score.On the other hand, it can also eliminate the interference of external environment and improve work efficiency.English listening also have to gradually strengthen the practice, conditional words, it is best to put out the sound, or find the effect of the tape.I suffered a lot in the college entrance examination because of the broadcasting effect, so I hope you can pay attention to this problem at ordinary times.At the beginning of the third round of review, the amount of practice sets can be increased to 2 to 4 sets per day.Of course, which one of the weakest priority to add which one, and strong subjects to maintain the second round of the amount is ok.In order to keep the sense of language, it is suggested to do more than one set of questions every day (except listening and composition).At this time, the first, second and diagnostic questions were also published. It was suggested to do the questions in May and June, so as to avoid the more difficult questions in April that might affect confidence.To the half month before the college entrance examination, which is the third round of review, the amount of questions can be reduced to 1 set every day, each subject is equal, plus every day English completion, reading 1.The point of this stage is to summarize.Of course, the summary of the question type runs through the whole senior year. On the one hand, it systematically summarizes the knowledge network, and on the other hand, it summarizes the mistakes made in the review process, so as to once again check the omissions and fill the gaps.Moreover, at this time it is necessary to do all over the years of the college entrance examination questions, feel the real college entrance examination questions is what weight.Many schools close the week before the exam.At this time, the mood to relax, but the review can not relax, do a set of questions every day to maintain the state, and continue to summarize until the college entrance examination.Practicing lots of questions inevitably leads to another problem: lack of time!How to do?Crowded!Three years of high school, I advise you to be less lustful.Put aside games, the Internet, and comics for the sake of your ideal college.After all, those three years of hard work will buy the next 30 years of sweetness, and those three years of sweetness will buy the next 30 years of pain!So take all the time you can and study hard.Almost all my classmates in my old class followed this principle.For example, school ends at 12:15 p.m.At this time if go to the dining hall to eat, people will be a lot, then on self-study to 12∶40, and so on the dining hall less people go again, so that you can save the time to queue down.Another example;The class starts at 2:30 p.m., and during the first 10 minutes or so, the classroom is too busy to do homework.Start your nap at 2∶00 and stagger this unproductive time.There are many such methods, and if you pay attention to them, you will save a lot of time.The sprint of the third year on the one hand is a contest of intelligence, on the other hand, it is a contest of physical strength and perseverance, how to maintain abundant energy in the sprint of the third year, it must be a problem of concern to everyone.Life in senior three is really very hard, sleep late and get up early, sleep only six or seven hours a day, no matter how healthy people are, if they don’t pay attention to it, after this year’s long-term physical overdraft, they will be dragged down.Therefore, summed up a set of suitable for their own “skill” work and rest system, is very necessary.The first is regularity.Human physiological activities are rhythmical, we should comply with this rhythm, let each organ play the maximum function.If our life is irregular and we often change the pace of life, we will not only fail to maximize the efficiency of the organs, but also affect the normal physiological activities of the organs.Over time, there will be problems.It is just as a large, well-functioning machine can throw everything out of whack if one of its parts is suddenly forced to change the way it works.If you follow a normal routine each day, you will feel less sleepy by sleeping an hour less.Watching an extra hour a day is not that tiring.The second is to have scientific nature.Some students like to pull an all-nighter, one to the eve of an important exam, open the emergency lights to see two or three in the evening.Does it really work?We are still developing and our brains are still relatively fragile.For one thing, late at night, the functional state of the brain is not conducive to memory, thinking.Review efficiency is not high at this time;Second, often so that the brain does not work according to the rhythm of overload, will virtually damage the brain, over a long time, do not good neurasthenia, by then insomnia, amnesia, tea, want to regret it is too late.Third, in the evening review is easy to fall asleep, many students in order to insist on drinking coffee, drinking strong tea, by the stimulation of drugs to keep excited, this will strengthen the nervous system of external stimulant dependence, after drinking too much, you do not want to drink, just like addiction.Also, at 12 o ‘clock in the evening, the stomach is already empty, so drinking coffee at this time can be very stimulating.Getting a stomach bug in senior year is a bad way to study.I don’t think anyone wants to try it.Also, sleeping too late makes you tired the next day.Remember, missing a review session takes twice or three times as long to make up for.If you pull an all-nighter and miss the class, what’s the point?So don’t burn the midnight oil, go to bed before 12pm, and if you have to, get up early in the morning rather than stay up late at night.There are also a lot of students do not eat regularly.Today in a bad mood, will not go to dinner;Tomorrow, when the food is ready, I’ll have a hearty meal.Timing and quantitation are the criteria for eating, overeating is a diet taboo.You can eat late every day, but you can’t eat early and late every day;You can eat one or two meals at a time, but don’t let it fluctuate sinusoidal.I had a stomach problem that I didn’t develop in senior year but caused a lot of trouble in senior year.I remember the excruciating pain.Senior year is a memory, but I hope you don’t take the stomachache as the most profound memory of senior year.Breakfast used to be a topic we talked about.Sleep time in senior year is precious.7∶20 morning self-study, less than 7 o ‘clock after never get up.Breakfast, that’s all.Or, under the second class to buy bits and pieces of stuff “mat bottom”, this is really a lot of students three years of real life, whenever my classmates do so, I can not help but advise them: want to eat breakfast which!Have a nutritious breakfast no matter what!The reason is obvious. It takes about four hours for the stomach to empty. Dinner the previous day was at 6 o ‘clock, and by 7 o ‘clock in the morning the stomach had been empty for nine hours.Besides, even as the saying goes: “breakfast to eat good”, breakfast nutrition for the body, for a day’s work and study is how important.The energy that high 3 nervous study consumes already enough, do not have breakfast again, do not think to take the opportunity to reduce weight really?In senior year of high school, not only did I not lose weight, I gained weight because I ate regularly, ate breakfast regularly, and most of all, thanks to my mother.My mother has always taken care of me hand and foot.In the third year of high school, she tried her best to improve my nutritional status and gave me great support in logistics.My mother’s nutrition plan was comprehensive, and breakfast was usually a bowl of soy milk, two eggs and cakes.Soya-bean milk is the previous night with soya-bean milk machine is grinding, adding a few black beans, peanuts, walnuts, both qi, blood, brain effect.The eggs are made from farm chicken eggs, not fried, to ensure optimal nutrition.Cakes and steamed buns are staple foods, and steamed buns are not used in order to get more calories.Before going out, take a samle pulp and spirulina concentrate tablets, which can improve the body immunity and make people energetic.Lunch and dinner are at school, with a fruit and a box of milk after dinner.Home in the evening, eat more food.First, a packet of milk and a little heart, then fruit, and finally spirulina before bed.At the end of the day, Q in is definitely greater than Q out.Plus once a week home to eat a meal, mother is also thinking of fang son cooked food.Soup is necessary and must be good;Or black bone chicken squid soup, or white bean pork elbow soup, or caterpillar fungus duck soup.A month to do a fish a shrimp, mother superb cooking, now in retrospect, all feel delicious!Thanks mother!I think my mother’s care for me in nutrition is an important reason why I have enough energy to fight to the end and be admitted to Tsinghua University.Adjusting the state of mind is also a high school learning can not be ignored.First of all, you have to have confidence, which makes you have a good mental state in the face of learning, if there is no confidence, the whole person is depressed, energy is not focused, what to deal with the nervous review?But you can’t be so confident that you know everything.That makes one restless and unable to settle down to review.Already said in front, now the college entrance examination is not to test you “do not understand”, but test you “not familiar”.How can people who don’t want to practice succeed in the college entrance examination?Secondly, we should face up to reality and do not have too much pressure.Some students work very hard but their grades can not go up, so they are very worried.In fact, there is no need to worry, impatience will make people careless, affect people’s normal physiological activities, is the college entrance examination review taboo.You should check and analyze whether your study method is reasonable.Besides, as long as you have really fought hard and played out their due level, there is nothing to regret?Notice “strong in its own strong hand”, do not mistake yourself in meaningless comparison.Don’t hate learning.Antipathy is also very bad for review.Three years of life only had a regular, you will feel very substantial.If you think it’s boring all the time, if it’s dark, if it’s depressing, then it’s hell on earth, and you can’t stand it, and you can’t learn anymore.You can only learn if you love learning.Have the courage to face mistakes and correct them.It’s not a bad thing to make a mistake in the review because you still have time to correct it, and it’s better than making a mistake in the college entrance examination.So don’t be afraid of mistakes.In fact, my first and second results are not ideal.However, I found my shortcomings through the exam and strengthened them in the third round of review.Therefore, I can still go to the college entrance examination with a hundred times confidence.What about you?Do you have the courage?The more imminent examination, the more give yourself a good psychological hint.If you think you can’t, you really can’t.Why not cheer yourself up once in a while?For example, after filling in the application form, it’s useless to think about it.Why not tell yourself you can do it, go for it, and prepare for it in the last minute?In short, the whole three years, if you spend in a sunny mood, so, you will also usher in a sunny tomorrow.College entrance examination, 12 years of hard study for this moment.For it, since after the senior year of systematic review, we should confidently enter the examination room.Just like doing a normal exercise, do a good job on each question and play to the level it should be.Of course, there are some tips here, such as: regular diet, to light;The day before the test outline summary review, one hour before the test do some simple questions to focus attention;It is advisable to take a nap for 40 minutes during the exam. Too long time will cause dizziness.Drink less water and check your stationery before the exam.Don’t answer after the exam, don’t carry the emotion of the last section to the next section and so on.But those are the last details.As long as you review in place before the test, in the examination room, the state of mind is stable, do the questions carefully, victory must belong to you!The life of senior three is “dark”, but there is no lack of fun in the darkness, when you really struggle out of the “darkness”, you will find that this “darkness” has also been missed.Forge ahead in the darkness, for out of the darkness!