Woman to you “heart of two minds”, most will show these a few “tricks”, it is not difficult to judge

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In a relationship, we are not afraid of sad people and sad things, the most afraid is that you are dead set, but the other party is planning how to leave you, most men in the feelings of low sensitivity, even if the other party has a heart, but still in the dark.Before leaving, no matter how well hidden, will always be revealed.When a woman to your heart, most will reveal these a few malpractices, as long as the man is careful experience, it is not difficult to make a judgment.Women already have someone else in their heart, so they tend to want to be with them and can’t help looking for an opportunity to run away.Every time I go out, I tend to be in a good mood, but when I come back, I start to quarrel with men.Men should not think that they are doing something wrong, so as to annoy women, just because they have no you in mind, no matter what you do, they will not be satisfied.In the face of a woman who always likes to run out, men should long dim sum, perhaps they have been born of two minds.You have me, I have you in the two people, everywhere revealed sweet, and if a woman’s heart has no you, then he will be very polite to you.Especially when you are close to him, often will take the initiative to escape, because she has regarded you as an outsider, and how can you have any physical contact?A woman doesn’t leave you, doesn’t mean he still has you in his heart, especially in a woman suddenly show you very polite, it means you are not in his heart.Maybe she’s ready to leave, and men should know that, too.03. Don’t like man touch his hiding one’s secret in mobile phone, when a woman to your heart undefended, mobile phones can be whatever you see, this shows her feelings for you is very single-minded, once the women are not allowed to touch their mobile phone, that a woman has put a man out of mind, while men want to take a woman’s mobile phone, also tend to be scold.Women have secrets in their cell phones that they don’t want you to see, so they don’t like men to use their cell phones. When this happens, men should stop thinking that they are still in a woman’s heart, and maybe they have become the object of a woman’s play.No matter what you do, a woman will never be satisfied.In her eyes, always able to pick out a lot of shortcomings of men, see each other in front of their own eyes, the heart has been the initiation of anger, inevitably will continue to pick on each other.Women are always habitually picky men, in this case, the man should be clear about the woman’s heart is not on their own, don’t be silly to pay, perhaps the other party has found a good next, they also want to protect themselves as far as possible, the best way.In a relationship, there is always one person who gives more and one who gives less.But no matter how, is for each other’s better life.If a person is silly to give, while a person is planning how to leave, facing this scene, for the person who is determined, it is not fair.For men, if found that women have the above performance, must be vigilant, perhaps they have a second heart, do not silly to pay, to learn to stop the loss in time.