Baixiang County held the 2022 mobilization meeting of “Grasping investment, Launching projects and Promoting Development”

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On February 16, the county held the 2022 mobilization meeting of “Grasping investment, launching projects and promoting Development”.Wang Peng, secretary of the County Party Committee, attended the meeting and made a speech. Xu Yangang, deputy Secretary of the county Party Committee and head of the government, presided over the meeting. Zhang Yuntao, director of the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress, Wang Shulin, chairman of the CPPCC Committee, Wei Xiaofeng, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee, Wang Xindong, executive deputy head of the government and other county leaders attended the meeting.Wang peng pointed out that this year is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress and the key year for the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is an important political task to carry out the work of “grasping investment, undertaking projects and promoting development”.All levels and departments should unify their thoughts, self-pressure, fully understand the “grasp investment, on the project, promote development” of Baixiang high quality catch up and development of the extreme importance, further enhance confidence, focus on thinking, boost the spirit, effectively grasp this work, grasp the results.To strengthen the “protect the five fight for the first three fight for the first” consciousness, actively with the docking, advanced learning, carry the red flag, fight for the first, tree benchmarking, Shouting “Bai Xiang line, Bai Xiang people, Bai Xiang cadres line”, blowing the “small county as a big, small county development” horn.Wang peng stressed the need to strengthen confidence, boost spirits, and further enhance the urgency and difficulty of “grasping investment, undertaking projects and promoting development”.Departments at all levels to set up the confidence, accelerate the development of the determination, strengthen their confidence to seize opportunities, establish gram difficult crucial perseverance, focus your mind to implement the provincial communist party deployment, focus your mind to complete the task goal throughout the year, focus your mind to come up, “the two can’t” guide to correct the four winds and disciplinary rectification activities as an opportunity,Continue to carry out the “Study party history, change work style, do practical work” activities, focusing on the “five checks and five improvements”, boost the mental state, improve work style, to provide a strong guarantee for high-quality catch-up development.Wang stressed that efforts should be made with precision to overcome difficulties and further enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of “focusing on investment, launching projects and promoting development”.All levels and departments should seek “accurate” in the investment selection, grasp the main direction of attack, strengthen the idea of “a game of chess”, build a strong investment team;We should strive for “fast” in project construction, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, strengthen factor guarantee and strengthen active service.We should strive for “refinement” in the platform construction, perfect the park platform, perfect the information platform, perfect the business investment platform;We need to create an optimal business environment. We need to create an optimal government environment, an optimal implementation environment, the fastest possible environment for review and approval, and the most enabling financial environment.In innovating ways to attract investment, we need to focus on key areas, focus on targets and tasks, take investment selection and project construction as the first focus of economic work and the core projects to promote development, and promote the implementation of all work with high quality and high standards.Wang peng stressed that leadership and responsibility should be strengthened to further enhance the initiative and constraint of “grasping investment, undertaking projects and promoting development”.We should further strengthen organizational leadership, policy implementation, and supervision and assessment.Various departments at all levels should take the initiative to bear responsibility, to pay special attention to the project construction, the formation of all revolved around projects, all projects focus on the dry dense atmosphere, should further strengthen confidence, refreshing, precision scientific planning, investment promotion, with the elan of tigers down the mountain, with a more open attitude, more high morale, more forceful measures, a more pragmatic style of work,Go all out to “grasp investment, on the project, promote development”, for Baixiang high-quality catch-up development to provide strong support.Xu Yangang stressed that one must improve the ideological understanding, all levels of departments to strictly implement the Municipal party committee “two can not” requirements, the thought and action to unify the spirit of the meeting, in the county quickly set off investment investment and project construction upsurge.Second, we should focus on the work, focus on the key areas, focus on the key areas, focus on the access standards, focus on the projects in discussion and under construction, around the two traditional advantages of modern paper manufacturing, medium and high-end equipment manufacturing, as well as the existing enterprise chain extension, chain reinforcement, strong chain and technological upgrading projects;Around the construction of the “four New” county, a number of new models and new business projects such as robots and biomedicine have been introduced.Around the “Northern ecological Selenium Valley”, the introduction of a number of characteristic agricultural industrialization projects.We will strengthen the guarantee of land, capital, human resources and platforms, carry out entrepreneurship and employment training and cultivate talents with special characteristics, complete targets and tasks as required, regularly organize financial institutions to connect with enterprises, and take the initiative to visit enterprises to help them solve financing problems.Fourth, work measures should be strengthened. The first person in charge should grasp it personally, strengthen supervision and scheduling, strengthen assistance and guidance to deepen project assistance, implement the “five one” working mechanism, and provide “mother-like” services for enterprises.Conscientiously carry out the “study party history, change style, do practical things” activities, to solve the problems of enterprises, promote the smooth progress of the project.Five to work together to strengthen, the county investment promotion bureau and the key office to do a good job docking, the departments to coordinate, investment teams and departments to closely cooperate, at the same time, in the county to create a “grasp investment, on the project, promote development” of the strong atmosphere.Six to improve the quality of the team, to learn more, under the real effort, carry forward the spirit of thousands of mountains and rivers, thousands of hardships, thousands of difficulties, dental laboratories;Work to strict discipline, in violation of discipline, strictly asked responsibility, to speed up the catch up with the development of converted to catch up with the trend of the development of the flood, ring lines “BaiXiang, BaiXiang the pedestrian, BaiXiang cadres”, adhere to the “smaller counties”, “smaller counties as, development”, to promote BaiXiang catch up with the development of modern high quality, with excellent grades to meet the victory at the party’s twenty.At the meeting, Wang Xindong, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and executive deputy head of the government of the county, read out the “Baixiang County in 2022 Investment selection work plan” and “Baixiang County in 2022 project construction work plan”.