Baiyin held a meeting of the leading group on administrative review system reform

2022-06-24 0 By

This afternoon on March 30, baiyin, gansu province, the city’s administrative reconsideration system reform leading group meeting, the meeting communicate learning for the provincial administrative reconsideration system reform leading group meetings and the administrative reconsideration system reform to promote work in the first and the second dispatch meetings spirit, listened to the city’s administrative reconsideration system reform progress.The meeting stressed that all counties and departments should fully recognize the significance of the administrative reconsideration system reform and reform of the current situation, identify shortcomings and inadequacies in our work, baiyin reform to firmly establish a “chess” thought, to carry out good “five” requirement, strengthen coordination and close cooperation, make concerted efforts to promote reform the implementation of the ground.The meeting called for the reform leading group office to urge the county and district governments to earnestly fulfill their responsibilities as the first person responsible for the reform work.Relevant departments should strengthen supervision and guidance to counties and districts, understand and grasp the actual difficulties faced by counties in institutions, staffing, personnel, funds and other aspects, and work together with counties and districts to promote and solve key problems in the reform.Judicial administrative departments should strengthen the connection with relevant departments, perform the unified exercise of administrative review duties, speed up the process of handling cases, improve the quality and efficiency of case handling, and open the channels for accepting cases.We should strengthen supervision and inspection to force the implementation of all tasks and ensure that substantive breakthroughs are made by the end of April as required by the provincial deadline.(Baiyin Justice Bureau) Source: Justice Department of Gansu Province