Consumer: Beijing hua lian supermarket sales long hair metamorphic “field song duck neck”!

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North network news (North new newspaper is north network chief reporter Zhang Gong long) on March 26, Hohhot one citizen bought “tian Ge duck neck” in Beijing Hualian supermarket, a duck neck is discovered in the process of coming home to eat had long hair metamorphic actually.Consumer Mr Han lives in Hohhot city new district.On the afternoon of March 26, he bought a bag of “Tiange Duck neck” and a bag of “Tiange duck feet” at a Beijing Hualian supermarket located on the bottom floor of Jiuhe Aolai Shopping mall in Hohhot New City.When Han and his family opened the bags on March 27, they found small bags of duck necks wrapped individually.Mr. Han ate more than half of the duck neck, suddenly found a small bag in the duck neck has long hair, serious deterioration.”My family and I felt sick at the sight of the rotten duck neck with long hair. I couldn’t stop vomiting and I had diarrhea that night,” Han said.According to the receipt han provided to the reporter, the price of his tiange sweet and spicy duck neck is 7.90 yuan. The production date on the bag is October 15, 2021, and the shelf life is 270 days. The manufacturer is Zhejiang Tiange Industrial Co., LTD.The sales unit on the shopping receipt is Inner Mongolia Hualian General Supermarket Co., LTD. Zhelimu Branch in Hohhot.On the morning of March 28, a reporter from The North News website came to the Beijing Hualian supermarket located at the negative first floor of jiuhe Aolai Commercial Building in Hohhot New City. A person surnamed Zhang checked the shopping receipt picture and the piece of duck neck, and confirmed on the spot that the duck neck has indeed long hair deterioration.Regarding this matter, she needs to check with relevant parties before calling reporters back.That afternoon, “Tian Ge duck neck” Hohhot super agent Mr. Zhang came to the North New Newspaper, after checking also confirmed that the “Tian Ge sweet hot duck neck” has long hair metamorphic.As for the cause of the deterioration, Mr. Zhang said it is most likely that the packaging bag was damaged during transportation and air leakage caused the deterioration of the duck neck.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: