Garden Town rural “Love Integral supermarket” with “politics” traction to enhance the “autonomy” vitality

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In garden town New Era Civilization Practice Institute, garbage is divided, the front and back of the house is swept…In the “love points supermarket”, there are laundry detergent, paper towels, toothpaste and other daily necessities on the shelves.Rice, noodles, oil and other non-staple food neatly placed, each item below have a “clear code mark points” label.In this Lantern Festival, Fangjia village “love integral supermarket” opened!Guessing lantern riddles wish/big/family/yuan/midnight/festival/fast/happy points exchange explanation Of saving points Volunteers introduced to party members and the masses in the village how to save points, exchange goods and exchange services.Through participating in various volunteer services, the masses are encouraged to win various civilized practice activities, such as “the most beautiful Party member”, “good daughter-in-law”, “good mother-in-law”, “Beautiful garden”, “Civilized family”, etc., to obtain points and exchange corresponding points value items, so that civilized behavior has “points” and is more valuable.Exchange goods wish/big/home/yuan/night/festival/fast/happy haircut warm people save points volunteers came to the new era of civilization practice, carefully for each old man trim his hair.Seeing the trimmed hair, the old people praised each other, smiling with satisfaction and complimenting the volunteers for their workmanship.While the old people were waiting for their hair to be cut, the volunteers chatted with the old people happily, talking about life trifles, learning about their life needs and physical conditions, which was highly praised by the old people.Can haircut wish/big/home/yuan/night/festival/fast/happy make round night eat tangyuan save points in the new era of civilization practice, we gather together, volunteers for the old people to explain the custom of the Lantern Festival story.Later, the volunteers sent bowls of hot dumplings to the old people, so that the old people not only listen to the happy, but also eat warm heart, let them feel the warmth of the festival.Behavior changes habits, and habits win points.Now, the exploration and implementation of the new management mode of the points-based system has activated “a pool of living water” in rural governance of Fangjiaxin Village.Villagers competed to accumulate points, which not only solved the contradiction, but also created a beautiful new village style with civilized local customs and harmonious livable environment, making rural governance really come alive.