Jiangxi cracked down on illegal prospecting and mining of mineral resources

2022-06-24 0 By

The reporter recently learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Natural Resources that the department launched a special action to severely crack down on illegal exploration and exploitation of mineral resources on March 10.The special operation will continue until the end of the year, countries such as focus on rare earth mineral resources strategic protection, dig sand “bully” “bully” and “umbrella” and standardize the mine safety production, strictly investigate all kinds of illegal behavior, shall be ensure found together, investigate together, forming high pressure blow, safeguard the order of the prospecting and exploitation.It is understood that the special operation on the basis of strictly investigate down promptly, will be in full screen unlicensed mining, Ethan generation, not according to the approval of minerals, beyond the approved scope of mining area in mining mineral resources, such as behavior, based on the peg in the name of the various engineering construction mining mineral resources, use of legitimate business enterprises workshop, the villagers residential courtyard place such as screen mining mineral resources,Unauthorized mining of mineral resources by opening and sealing closed and banned mines or abandoned mines without authorization, or unauthorized mining of mineral resources and transporting them out of mining areas in remote mountainous areas, remote forest areas, shallow outcrop areas and other special areas.In view of the illegal exploration and exploitation of rare earth resources, Jiangxi Department required Ganzhou, Ji ‘an, Fuzhou and other places to pay close attention to the exploitation of resources, and carry out targeted mapping;We will earnestly verify reports on illegal rare earth activities, strengthen inspections of licensed rare earth mines, resource-rich areas and areas prone to illegal mining, increase the frequency of inspections, and ensure that there are no blind spots in the scope of supervision.We will severely investigate and punish unlicensed mining, boundary-crossing mining, and production exceeding quotas, resolutely ban illegal mining sites, and ensure that “dynamic zero out” occurs.In the special action, the Ministry of Natural Resources will strengthen the communication and connection with the public security department, timely transfer of clues related to the problems involving black and evil, cooperate with the investigation and identification of black and evil forces, dig “sand bullies”, “mining bullies” and “protective umbrella”, and promote the industry renovation of natural resources.