Kaliningrad in 7 days?Three NATO moves in 24 hours. China’s attitude is critical

2022-06-24 0 By

The rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union was an indelible disaster for the whole world, and no one wants such a disaster to recur.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States vented this “hatred” on Russia, which inherited most of the Soviet power.For the United States, Russia’s military power and influence are undoubtedly a great threat.When the Russia-Ukraine problem broke out, NATO suddenly shouted that it would take Kaliningrad in seven days.As soon as the news came out, the reaction of the world was swift, and China’s attitude was the most crucial.Regardless of whether NATO can win the war, if Russia loses Kaliningrad, it will lose its trump card.Although kaliningrad is a small oblate with an area of just 15,000 square kilometers, it has an unusual strategic position in Russia that keeps eastern European countries from making any moves.Because of its special geographical location, Russia attaches great importance to it, especially the deployment of heavy guards here.In the event of an accident, Russia’s cruise and tactical missiles can also provide immediate support and defeat the enemy “without bloodshed.”Of course, as long as the United States does not move, other SMALL NATO countries are dreaming of swallowing the fat.Of course, if America does, it is only a matter of time.Yet even the US cannot afford the horrors of military action against Russia.Russia has reacted quickly to reports that NATO plans to launch an attack on Kaliningrad.Russian Congressman Sergei Fedorov mercilessly said he would launch a nuclear attack on the United States, targeting the Nevada desert, where American nuclear weapons range.If Russia strikes, innocent people will be caught in the act, which is a good deterrent to the US.For a long time, NATO has played up the conflict with Ukraine and escalated the risk of war.Britain has publicly announced it will supply military weapons to Ukraine, stressing there is no threat to Russia, and Estonia has announced its bases are capable of hosting thousands of NATO troops.The move was a clear show of support for NATO.After three previous talks between the United States and Russia, NATO and the OSCE failed to reach an agreement, the situation in Ukraine has become more tense, which does not prevent people from guessing that the possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine is increasing.The “Sarajevo” incident of the past still gives cause for concern. If the situation between Russia and Ukraine continues to be tense, a war between the two sides will be a disaster for all humanity.It is therefore necessary for the US and Russia to take action to stabilise the situation.