Kanghui urged three times: athletes please sit down!Go on dancing: Keep playing and dancing

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At the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, there were many unexpected things. For example, director Zhang Yimou used the two main colors of red and blue to match the romance of the Chinese people with the spirit of the Winter Olympics. A huge red Chinese knot and a full house of red lanterns lit up the blue Bird’s Nest stadium.In each country flag bearer entrance ceremony, we also saw Xu Mengtao riding “donkey” carrying the five-star red flag approach, that scene made a lot of people laugh, Xu Mengtao riding “large donkey”, but Gao Tingyu was not too tired, because the national flag will be lifted high!Moreover, many netizens lamented that su’s failure to enter the Closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics carrying The national Red Chan was finally over.And the most exciting scene, is the athletes entering the ceremony seconds into the joy of the disco scene!Athletes from all over the world danced to the BGM of ode to Joy, but they enjoyed the reunion too much. Take Gu Ailing and Su Yiming for example, they couldn’t stop jumping and jumping at the end of the game. The children were so happy!In the scene of the athletes sit down to watch the slogan, the athletes have been reluctant to sit down, we are still carnival disco once out of control, this may be zhang Yimou and other people did not think of things, who let you do the Olympic Games so successful, for any one person are not willing to leave in a hurry!The scene was “Keep playing, keep dancing”!Announcer Kang Hui shouted “please sit down” three times before the athletes were led to take their seats by volunteers.Arguably, it is the most impressive in the closing ceremony, is also the most let a person cry, everyone enjoy carnival is behind the thick, both in the host player and friends of all countries hope to have the closing ceremony at the end of the tail, to get the period of one of the most precious experience in my life again continue, even stay for a few minutes are worth!Beijing has become the city of winter Olympic Games, with more than 2008 hosting experience, 2022 Winter Olympic Games is undoubtedly a more successful one in the history of human beings, it created too much impossible, has been deeply recognized by the world!In the future, which Chinese city will host the Olympic feast again?