More than 5,700 restaurants in Zigong enjoy free insurance for the first year

2022-06-24 0 By

On April 2nd, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a number of financial institutions on food safety liability insurance. More than 5,700 catering service units in The city will take the lead in enjoying free insurance services for the first year.This marks the comprehensive promotion of zigong’s new food safety liability insurance model of “government guidance, financial assistance, enterprises benefit and consumers rest assured”.In the morning of the food safety liability insurance promotion meeting and strategic cooperation signing ceremony, the municipal Market Supervision bureau and PICC property insurance Company, Land property insurance Company, Taiping property insurance company, as well as Zigong Rural commercial Bank, Leshan Commercial Bank and other agreements signed.The agreement stipulates that the two banks will provide free insurance for the first year for more than 5,700 existing catering service units in Gongjing District, Da ‘an District, Yan Tan District, Ziliujing District and high-tech Zone respectively, as well as for the newly added catering service units in the above areas this year.The reporter learned that the implementation of the new mode of food safety liability insurance is coordinated by the government and banks are introduced into the food safety liability insurance system to further reduce the operating costs of enterprises.In the first year, the bank pays the insurance premium, and in the next year, the insurance will be renewed according to the list of insurance suggestions provided by the bank.”Food safety liability insurance, as an important auxiliary means of food safety management, is an important part of food risk prevention and resolution system and social co-governance, and has positive significance for the prevention and rescue of food safety accidents.”The relevant person in charge of market supervision bureau, told reporters that the early market supervision organization with business departments to carry out the solid food security liability insurance project research, comprehensive coverage enterprise of type, size, risk level, credit level, creating a variety of factors such as demonstration, guide the insurance company to develop a scientific, fair and reasonable food security liability insurance clauseDefine insurance liability and deductible situation, give full play to insurance heteronomy function and risk sharing mechanism.At the same time, a “one-to-one” service mechanism will be established, in which banks and insurance institutions will appoint specially-assigned persons to docking with market regulatory authorities of the jurisdiction, so as to do a good job in the related work of food safety liability insurance, and establish a green channel for food safety liability insurance claims settlement to ensure that catering service units can enjoy high-quality and efficient claims settlement services.It is reported that zigong currently has 25,000 food production and management entities, including 10,187 catering businesses.Next, the city will continue to give play to the role of insurance of risk sharing, the food security liability insurance new mode gradually expanded to food production, food circulation and catering services, campus cafeteria, pension institutions canteens, all kinds of small workshops, small restaurant, vendors, and other food industry, in order to better create a harmonious business environment, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers,We will promote high-quality development of the food industry.Editor: Zhang Chi Editor: Wu Shanguan