Not we are too strong but now the Chinese team is too weak, when can the Chinese national football team rise?

2022-06-24 0 By

China’s men’s national football team lost 2-0 to Japan in the World Preliminary Round of the 12th Round of The Asian Zone, which is both the focus of the game and the key match. If China loses, its hope of qualifying for the Qatar World Cup will be very slim.Under the pressure, the Chinese team still regret to lose, winning or losing is normal, is arguably had Japan’s Asian football teams, can beat them so happy together, lost to them it is not surprising that we need to continue to work hard, but now the results came out, but I didn’t imagine in so calm.We can accept defeat, but I can not accept the team’s failure, the match the team’s not an attack can give effective threat posed by Japan, the first half even more than half of the time the team’s dribbling even pass the half-court, let everyone is more for the team’s even the most basic dribbling fundamentals do not good, pass the ball around well, dribbling instability, in a word,I’m too tired. I don’t have the energy and passion of the old days.Maybe because of the pressure, the players are afraid of making mistakes and being sprayed, so they play very conservative. But think about it, if you don’t fight hard against Japan, the opponent won’t give you a chance!Did the Japanese team give the National team a chance?I think more or less is to give you the opportunity, was the main injury is the central defenders you opportunities, and Japan in the second half obviously played not so rigorous in the first half, but the team failed to take the opportunity to score, it is true to make people feel shame, after Japan legend words is the homicide over the heart, “he said.”Now the Japanese team does not have the ability to score, but the Chinese team strength is too weak.This said that we were powerless to refute, we are indeed weak, indeed need to learn to improve the place there are many, but just look at this game, the gap is too big!Do you have to start with the basics of ball control and passing?Foreign real Madrid media is directly attacked the performance of China’s national football team, they commented: China has more than 1 billion people but can not pick a decent national team, it is really a tragedy of football!The Chinese national football team was expected to show indomitable spirit and team spirit in the face of the Japanese team lacking two leading players. However, the final result not only disappointed the fans of The National football team, but also disappointed the old rival Japan, and even let the powerful football team in Spain down. This is really a little sad!Over the years, the team’s more than once tried, struggle, and reform, but again and again, again and again wrong, one year than one year, the changes gave you hope, but every time after the hope is to let everyone down to the end, some of the fans and the team’s hair into a World Cup, such as white, I really don’t know when will the team’s truly rise?In the New Year, I hope the National football Team can have a brand new change!We can’t be as sad as we were!