The bus petitioned the people

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In recent days, the representatives and members of the upcoming meeting have participated in the activities of “walking on behalf of members at the grassroots level, listening to the voice of the people, visiting the public opinion, and taking the public opinion to the two sessions” with their own work. They went to the public gathering places, listened to the voice of the people, collected public opinion, and carefully prepared proposals.Intercity passenger transport is an important part of the city’s overall traffic network. In recent years, with the increase of intercity passenger transport, a variety of travel modes also make travel more and more convenient. The bus passenger station is also an important place for tourists and local citizens to come to And from Li.Niu Zengyu, deputy of the municipal People’s Congress, came to Lijiang bus station to understand the daily operation and conducted an “public opinion interview” with Chen Wenyin, deputy station master.Chen Wenyin said, “Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, our business volume and passenger volume have declined sharply. At the same time, the safety risk of our transportation industry is very large. We hope that the government can increase support for us and the epidemic can end as soon as possible.”Niu Zengyu said, today incarnation “reporter” face to face with the public, is very meaningful.”I have been engaged in cultural work for many years. My opinions and suggestions at the two sessions were mostly about cultural work and the protection, utilization and promotion of traditional culture.Today, I came to the passenger station to learn some information. As a deputy of the National People’s Congress, I have the responsibility and obligation to understand the development of the whole society in Lijiang.In the future, apart from doing my own work well, I will also devote some time to social issues and make my opinions and suggestions closer to people’s livelihood.”Second stop Urban bus station He Yinmei, a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), took to the streets and came to the bus station to communicate face to face with citizens, understand their needs and listen to their ideas.”Hello, I am the CPPCC member and Yin Mei, the city two sessions will be held immediately, I will understand you to our lijiang some of what opinions and suggestions?”Citizen Yang Fang hopes lijiang can build more public libraries. She thinks it is a good thing to take her children to the library to read.”Although we have done a lot to improve reading for all, there is still a lot of room for improvement,” he said.So what I’m going to propose this time is a proposal about reading for all.I have carried out long-term research and visits in the early stage of making the proposal, and I will bring people’s suggestions and opinions to the two sessions.””I think we should listen more to the concerns of the people and solve the problems they need to solve.”As an important means of transportation for citizens, public buses come and go every day and feel the changes of Lijiang.Yasusong and I duma chose to visit the citizens by bus and listen to their voices.The citizen and Haixia said to her, “I think the development of pension service is relatively slow in Lijiang, because I work in other places, and I still hope our parents can get better pension service in their hometown.”Reporter/Yang Sijuan editor/Lin Tong Editor/Hezhongxue News Hotline /0888 — 5122344© Lijiang Radio and Television Station