The driver cried when he saw the punishment

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This article is transferred from: Qianjiang Evening News qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Chen Dong Correspondent Xu Jincan Fan Xinwei Zhou Haijiao driving on the highway missed the exit, the normal operation should be to drive to the next exit and then turn around.But the distance between the two exits is often not short, so some drivers take a chance on convenience, after missing the intersection, risk reversing on the highway.Recently, Taizhou high-speed traffic police caught such an old driver, but also because of this move, the old driver paid the price of losing his job.At 21:45 on March 24, taizhou high-speed traffic police detachment of a large team of police officers found in the monitoring of a scene: in the G15 Shenhai high-speed Linhai North exit ramp nearby, several normal vehicles have emergency braking, seems to avoid what.A closer look at the surveillance footage shows a van parked sideways on the hard shoulder, double-flashing, with the rear of the van occupying the smaller half of the main lane.Is this broken down?Police on the road rushed to the scene, while officers in the police room kept an eye on the movement of the van.At this time, there was a shocking scene – “stalled” for more than a minute of the truck began to move again, but it did not continue to move forward, but the direction of the road after reversing to linhai North toll station.The rear vehicles see this situation constantly flashing deceleration emergency avoidance, the scene is very dangerous.The police immediately blocked the truck and steered it to the side of the plaza outside the toll booth.Bai, the driver of the truck, told the traffic police that he was the first time to Taizhou, unfamiliar with the road conditions, resulting in driving to the ramp not far away, only to find that he was about to miss the ramp.Just as he was about to change right onto the on-ramp, he suddenly noticed a parallel car on his right.By the time traffic on the right passes, the car is already well past the on-ramp, so he simply changes lanes and stops on the hard shoulder.At that time, looking at the distance is not too far, in order to save time, he took a chance, thinking of the car back, originally thought that it would not be found, but all the operation has been recorded by the surveillance video.The police on the white this “crazy move” severely criticized education, in the face of 12 points of severe punishment, the driver White in front of the police crying, “if the 12 points, he lost his job.I don’t care if I lose 10 or 11 points.”But the mistake made is made, and finally, under the guidance of the police, the driver said he accepted punishment, and take warning.Finally, the police on the white driving motor vehicle in the highway reversing illegal behavior imposed a fine of 200 yuan, 12 points.Because of a fluke, white for their confused behavior paid a painful price.