The most shining coordinates | garrison martyr Xiao Siyuan brother to take over his brother’s gun: the future ready to serve as a soldier, like his brother to defend the country

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It’s qingming Festival again.On April 3, Elephant News paid a return visit to the family of Xiao Siyuan, a martyr from Henan province who was guarding the border. Xiao siyuan’s younger brother is 18 years old and plans to become a soldier in the future, just like his brother.Family members prepared in the Tomb-sweeping Day, bring Xiao Siyuan love to eat food, and he talked.Flowers for heroes, memorial offerings loyal souls.April 3, Henan Xinxiang Yanjin County martyrs cemetery, to pay tribute to xiao Siyuan martyrs in an endless stream, the young Pioneers silently wipe the martyrs tombstone.Everyone flowers, a moment of silence, bow, and for a long time stop to watch such a paragraph of tombstone: XiaoSiYuan martyrs, YanJin County Shi Po zhonggu town east village, correlation was born in October 1996, the army in September 2016, in June 2019 to join the party, on June 15, 2020 in china-india border guards struggle heroic sacrifice, by the central military commission progress merit citation.Xiao Shengsong, Xiao Siyuan’s father, told Elephant News that in recent days, many warm-hearted people have called home to say hello, or directly went to the cemetery to pay their respects.He and his wife ready to qingming Festival that day, as usual with their son loved to eat food, to talk to their son.Xiao Shengsong also revealed that Siyuan’s younger brother took his brother as an example and planned to join the army in the future and become a soldier to defend the country like his brother.”He (the younger son) just turned 18 and wants to join the army, so maybe in September.He has now joined the reserve service of the county People’s Armed Forces department.Reporters learned that Xiao Siyuan’s younger brother also went to Henan armed police experience barracks life, “brother, I want to become a hero like you.”Xiao Siyuan’s home in yanjin County shipo solid town in a village, the door is facing the living room, left stacked farm appliances, and the right hand side close to the kitchen of the two rooms, was Originally Xiao Siyuan parents prepared for his son’s wedding room, now arranged here a memorial hall.The house is placed xiao Siyuan from childhood to the big items, shoes, basketball, etc., since Xiao Siyuan left, Xiao Shengsong will come to the house every day for a while, to make the bed for his son.”His house never moves.”