Where does the train charge?

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Where is the charging place on the train?There are charging places on the train, according to the train model, carriage, seat is different and different, let’s look at the specific introduction.1. Where is the charging place on the ordinary train?There are only a few charging sockets on ordinary trains, which are not as dense as those on high-speed trains and bullet trains.# hundred help for # 1, the most ordinary train hard seat car passengers seat area and no outlet, only room attendants have power socket, if the passengers want to emergency charging, need to find flight attendants for help, in the flight attendants room, there were a total of five hole each power socket, two hole plug and three hole plug can be used.2. In the hard sleeper compartment of ordinary train, there is no charging power supply next to the berth, but there are charging plugs in the corridor outside. Each compartment is equipped with three plugs under the seats in the corridor;In soft sleeper compartments of ordinary trains, there are three power sockets in the corridor seats, and a charging plug in each compartment.These are places where passengers can recharge their batteries.Ii. Where to charge the high-speed rail and bullet train?1. In general, seats and sleeping berths of high-speed trains and bullet trains are equipped with many power sockets.For example, the charging socket of the second seat of the bullet train can be found below the seat in front of it, and a socket is set for two people’s seats, and two sockets are set in the middle of three people’s seats to take the Renaissance, and some are located above the seat;The business seat is on the side of the handrail, about a few centimeters above the ground.The charging ports at both ends of the carriage may be in the front or rear of the carriage, above the enlarged luggage at both ends of the carriage, as well as in the washing area and the toilet.Now high-speed rail, bullet train are using the national standard power socket, not only have two holes and three holes socket, some also increase the USB interface, without plug head, can also be directly charged with data line, more convenient.2. In the sleeping berth of the bullet train, it is generally located in the socket under the table in the private room. The new sleeping berth has charging episodes above each berth, which is very convenient.Tips: There are not many charging ports for hard seats and hard sleeper on ordinary trains. It is better for passengers to wear mobile power sources such as charging banks.On high-speed trains and bullet trains, the power socket can be charged after the cover is opened.Use safe electronics, don’t leave the charging device when charging, and cover it up after charging.In addition, charging devices on trains are only allowed to charge mobile phones, tablets and laptops.Can not use a drag plate at the same time charging high power without backup.To learn more, please follow the happy Jin Xiaoyu